Calm City Does Not Want Thursday Overpass

Calm City Does Not Want Thursday Overpass: The district's 'Calm City' (Cittaslow) district of Ordu, Ahmet Arık, asked for the pedestrian overpass to be lifted by the Highways 7 months ago. At the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, “Citizens do not want the pedestrian overpass in our county on Thursday, the unused overpass is idle. Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu said to the District Governor Arık, who said, “Let this place be disassembled and move to another place. Let's take a view of the people again, let's make a decision like that. ”
A pedestrian overpass was built 32 months ago by Karayolları in Ordu, with a population of 100 thousand 7 inhabitants. Citizens who continue to pass under the bridge without using the overpass demanded that the district governorship be removed. Governor Ahmet Arık brought the issue to the agenda at the Provincial Coordination Board meeting, chaired by Ordu Governor İrfan Balkanlıoğlu. District Governor Arık told Governor Balkanlıoğlu: “The pedestrian overpass in our district of Thursday does not want citizens, the unused overpass is idle. Let this place be dismantled and move to another place. ”
Provincial Director of National Education Nevzat Türkkan also demanded that a new school was built in Ordu's Eskipazar Quarter and the need for overpass in this region was removed by removing the overpass here. Governor Balkanlıoğlu, “God bless, if the accident 'Our overpass has been removed, let those responsible be accountable'. After all, if it is not used, it should be evaluated if it is discarded from there. Let us take a view of the people, the district governor, let's decide so. ”
Thursday Municipality Mayor supported the request of District Governor Ahmet Arık, “Let the overpass be removed” in Kemal Bahtiyar, AK Party. Noting that the density of the vehicles in the Thursday District has decreased with the construction of the Black Sea Coastal Road, therefore the pedestrian population is also low, President Bahtiyar said, “This is a quiet city. I agree with the opinion of our district governor. It has not been used since overpassing. Here it makes an image pollution. Our overpass is unpretentious. This is a timely mistake. Without this overpass, the public should have been asked and asked for its opinion. This is a beautiful district to live in, but this overpass is really a visual pollution. I was going to write to the highways about its removal anyway. ”
Tarık Arslantürk, 29, who is fishing in the region where the overpass is located, stated that the overpass is not used and said, “Nobody is using it here right now. Put the camera, the number of people who use the overpass all day long does not exceed 5. It is passing through his curiosity to take photos. It is not suitable for the elderly, let it be dismantled and taken to another place. ”

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