Konya to descend to Mersin with YHT

Mersin, Konya with the YHT will go down fast: Turkey's most important industries, agriculture and tourism has become one of the central Konya high-speed train from Istanbul, 'fast train can carry the load it from connecting to Mersin. In 2023, Konya focused on 15 billion-dollar exports and 10 million tourists.

Located in the middle of Anatolia, one of our former capitals, Konya, 'industry, agriculture and tourism' stands out with a very strong development model. Konya, which hosted 2.3 million tourists last year as the center of the Mevlana nephews and ancient civilizations, wants to be a city that hosts 100 million tourists in 2023, the 10 year of our republic. This year, exports are increasing very fast and 1.7 billion dollars in exports to complete the year with the annual export figure 2023'da Konya wants to reach 15 billion dollars. In order to achieve these goals, a very strong investment move continues in the city. Konya's high-speed train to Mersin Port and the high-speed train to connect with Ankara and Istanbul will contribute to these goals.

The High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works between Ankara-Konya and Eskişehir-Konya. Konya will soon be connected to Istanbul with YHT, Istanbul Konya will be down to the 3.5-4 hour. Our biggest disadvantage about industrial investments was our distance to ports. Now, serious work has been started. Konya-Karaman-Mersin accelerated railway line project construction began. This will be our ız high-speed train UM line, which will be able to accelerate to 200 at the end of the project. This line could carry the load with the 100 mileage speed per hour. We will be able to download our export products to Mersin very quickly. Now we have a logistics village project parallel to this project. 1 will be installed on a million square meters area.


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