50 made the bridge in the 20 day

📩 24/12/2018 16:43

Villagers built the bridge, which the state did not make in 50 years, in 20 days: Çamköy residents of TOKAT's Almus district have built the bridge they have been trying to build for 50 years in 20 days with the support of a businessman.
The residents of Çamköy, which is 35 kilometers away from the town of Almus and where approximately 300 people live, asked for a bridge over Yeşilırmak in the village due to the distance of their village from Almus and closer to the district of Reşadiye. For years, requests for the Special Provincial Administration for the bridge, which will reduce the 34-kilometer road to 21 km, have not been achieved.
About the 50 year for the desired bridge to the villagers came together at the end. Ünal Demir, who works as a contractor with local residents with the support of the villagers, started the bridge work with his own resources. The 15 meter width and 30 meter-long bridge were completed in 20 days. The construction of the bridge cost about 300 thousand liras. The roads on the crossing of the bridge were opened. With the opening of the bridge praying on the villagers, he started to use the road.
The contractor Ünal Demir, who built the bridge with the support of the villagers, stated that they have fulfilled a long-term longing. No results have been achieved so far. Our governor, Mustafa Taşkesen, whose last appointment was made to Mardin, said, "I will support the construction of this bridge." But he also failed. Thanks to this bridge, the road, which was 34 kilometers before Reşadiye, goes down to 21 kilometers. I guess those in Almus district did not want this because the villages here wanted to connect to Reşadiye. When we started this bridge, some pressure came. But we started and now we open the bridge. Our grandfather, our father couldn't, we did. ”
Ömer Özer, 72, said that they waited for many years for the construction of the bridge.

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