A visit from the Railway Lovers Association to Today in Bursa

Visit from the Railway Lovers Association to Bursa: Today, the management of the Railway Lovers Association visited Bursa in Today and emphasized that they will follow Bursa's process of gaining railway connection with the surrounding cities.

The most important railway transport, which brings together the demands of modern developments in Turkey Railway Association countries continue their work quickly. Association managers İbrahim Alkaya, Rıdvan Biberci, Ebru Dağ Dede, Sema Ölmez and Gülçeray Karaca, who came to visit our institution with the Chairman of the Board of Directors Kemal Demirel; They gave the message that “we will follow the process of weaving our country with iron nets”.

CHP ex-deputy Kemal Demirel, who has been struggling for a long time to come to Bursa for a train, continues to fight with the young wagons he has added to his dream. Demirel, who has been following the process actively although it was established a short time ago; “We will bring the train to Bursa with the power that our association will add. By adding the opinions of international organizations and experts on this issue, we will bring the people of Bursa to the modern transportation they deserve. ”

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