Steam Train Awaits Interest

I am 50 years old, retired and father of two daughters. My profession is mechanical technician, it gives me both my life and my life. kazanIt also helped me to do my hobby that I love very much. Since 1995, I have been dealing with modeling of steam machines, which is a branch of Model Machinery. I became interested in this hobby when I saw it on a business trip to its homeland, England. In England, where I went many times later, I met the masters who made these and learned their production techniques.
I made a small working models of steam engines at a workshop I created a room in my home for many years in Turkey. I have been making steam locomotives for the last 3 years.
I made many models of the few people in Turkey very interested in this hobby (collector) was purchased by retrieving.
About a year ago, Mr. Rahmi KOÇ saw the models I made and offered me a proposal with the museum officials to create my workshop at his private museum in Ankara, Rahmi M Koç Industrial Museum. I am currently making my models and locomotives in my workshop in this museum. Some of the models I made are exhibited by the museum.
Turkey also produced almost no unknown model machine (Model engineering) What is it?
Model engineering as a hobby is the production and operation of miniaturized models of all types of engines and machines. The model engineer often focuses on historical artifacts, but in most cases is of interest in modern machines. This hobby covers locomotives and railway equipment, land vehicles, all kinds of stationary machines, marine engines and equipment, clocks, machine tools, hand tools, fastening and fixing devices, manufacturing machines and the like. In fact, everything with moving parts and "doing something" is a potential subject for the model engineer.
Steam is the most popular power used to get motion. However, it is quite common in a wide range of gasoline engines, from simple two-stroke engines to fighter jet engines like the Rolls-Royce Merlin and the like. Even pulse jets and gas turbines were built and operated successfully by amateur modelers. In recent years, hot air engines operating on the basis of the stirling cycle have also become widespread. kazanThere maker.
A good skill and a level of skill is required to achieve a good quality and standard when the model is machine-driven, and this leads to people who want to start model engineering as a hobby. However, model engineering can be done on many levels. You will need simple hand tools and a work bench to start this hobby. In addition, access to a lathe machine is also of great benefit. When there is intent, there is a road.
I look forward to the interest of the people and institutions that will be interested in the steam engines that can carry 15 children in my workshop in Mainland Rahmi M. Koç Industry Museum.

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