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Here, Istanbul's mega projects have revamped the districts: The mega projects that have been rising in a row in Istanbul have revived the lines they have passed. The biggest increase was in the Marmaray region, which connects both sides of Istanbul with 4 in minutes. According to its proximity to Marmaray, the increase in real estate prices found 80s. At the third bridge and the airport, lands are changing hands.

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The mega projects realized in Istanbul and under construction have peaked the real estate prices in their regions. Real estate sales prices in the regions where Marmaray, 3rd bridge and 3rd airport, Istanbul Financial Center, Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro, Galataport and Haliç Yacht Harbor projects have also revealed that the returns of these giant projects are mega. The biggest increase was in the Marmaray line, which reduced both sides of Istanbul to 4 minutes. It was observed in Sümer District in Zeytinburnu, the starting point of the Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel Project.

According to the index data prepared specially for Habertürk Newspaper by REIDIN, the increase in the price of the house for sale in Sümer Quarter between January and 2010 in May of 2014 was realized as 80.8. During the last 4.5 year, the most premium was realized by the regions close to the Marmaray project, while the experts stated that the other projects will continue to make a premium until the end of the project.

REIDIN Senior Analyst Orhan Vatandaş, evaluating the impact of the projects on the prices, has a similar metrobus line, KadıköyReminding that it came to life with the Kartal metro network and urban transformation effect, he said, “With the completion of the projects, each region will be placed in the appropriate price band with the effect of different factors.”


TSKB Real Estate Appraisal General Manager Makbule Yönel Maya states that the increase in land prices has exceeded the flat.

Karaburun Mevkii: Land prices in the last year with the 30 50 increased. In the seaside dwelling areas, the square meters are 700 pounds, and in the seaside dwellings, the square is around 500-600.

Yeniköy Mevkii: There is no development plan in the region. Despite this, the price of square meters of real estate properties in the fields of property 250 and 300 pounds.

Durusu Mevkii: Due to the region's lake development plan. For the parcels that have the right to build, the sales price is requested at the levels of square meter 300.

Tayakadın Mevkii: No zoning plan, but the desired sales prices for the unskilled land properties have increased to 300 pounds with 400 for the square meter.

Residential Areas: There is an increase in the Sarıyer region. While Göktürk-Kemerburgaz is on the back of the project, it is observed that there is an increase in 20 level in some projects. In the 2-2009 unit sales in unbranded 2014 handhelds, there was an increase of close to 50.


Urban conversion will fold prices

Prices of Haliç Marina Project have started to increase with the acquisition of Sembol-Ekopark-Fine Hotel partnership with 1.3 billion dollars. The square meter of housing prices in the region varies between 3 bin and 7 thousand pounds, for example, the square meter of residential land located in Sütlüce is between 2.500 and 10 one thousand pounds. Urban transformation is expected to increase prices further.


Prices 8-9 sat on the band

After the tender for Galataport, which has been on the agenda since 2005, Doğuş Holding won the 702 million dollars last year and prices in the region started to climb. The property prices of 3 and 4 are around 8. The effect of the project reached to Cihangir


4 annually prices increased by 50 percent

Makbule Yönel Maya stated that a resurgence started in the housing and office market, which is thought to have reached saturation in Ataşehir with the start of the works for the Istanbul Financial Center project, and that the prices of the projects to be built in this region will be slightly higher than the other projects in Batı Ataşehir. Maya, 4 40 60 2014 6 300 7 percent of the annual process, he said. According to the information provided by Maya, the price of square meters in the projects in the region by 500 50 thousand XNUMX - XNUMX thousand XNUMX levels are reached. From this point of view, it is seen that the average price increase in the branded housing projects is XNUMX.


Meter price 8 thousand TL saw

Metro line project increased the prices in the last 4 year at the Istiklal, Kısıklı and Yukarı Dudullu points in the Ümraniye region by 50. Deniz Şahinkaya stated that Alemdağ Street and its environs in Ümraniye, Xnumx, are getting much more than this increase and the prices will increase in the coming period. Metro Camii Mesa, Ada City, Exen, Quant Residence, Antasya Residence, Agaoglu My Town, Istanbul Palace, Glow 9, White Side, Mahalle Istanbul and Aqua City projects are counted. prices 3 and 2 thousand pounds varies.

Eurasia Tunnel increases demand Eva Real Estate Appraisal Expert Deniz Şahinkaya, the project was completed last year, the opening of the use of 50-80 increased prices, he said. 5 thousand with 7 thousand 500 pounds per square meter prices of 9 thousand 500 pounds came out. The expectation is high due to the ongoing Eurasian Tunnel.

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