Safe Traffic Project

Safe Traffic Disability Life project: Within the scope of Safe Traffic Unblocked Life project, three-dimensional stimulant signs were placed on the roadside for drivers and pedestrians.
Karabük Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Security, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Turkey carried out with the Disabled Association Karabük Branch collaboration, Family and Social Policy Ministry of Disability Support System Schools Street in Yenişehir prepared for the project and Karabük-Safranbolu highway Beşbinev Quarter was chosen to enter the region pilots.
In the practice on Okullar Caddesi, Deputy Governor Erkan Çapar and the traffic teams told the drivers about the causes of traffic accidents.
A three-dimensional sign with “warning and alcohol is a disaster” and warning photos was placed at the entrance of Beşbinevler Mahallesi.


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