Generali Group Announces 2013 Billion Euro Net Profit in 1,915

Generali Group Announced 2013 Billion Euro Net Profit in 1,915: Generali, one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, announced a net profit of 2013 billion Euro for 1,915. Group CEO Mario Greco, on behalf of Generali, who has achieved the highest profit in the last six years, stated that they are taking firm steps towards the goal they set for 2015. Standard & Poor's, the international credit rating agency, announced Generali's rating as "A-".
The success of the Generali Group at the end of the year provided the Group with a profitable increase despite the uncertain economic recovery, low interest rates and natural disaster losses. Generali closed 2013 with an operating profit of € 4,207 million (up 2012% compared to € 3,994 million in 5.3), with growth across all business lines. Generali achieved the highest result of the last 1,915 years, generating a net profit of 2012 billion Euros (94 million Euros in 6) only from operations activities.
Another good news for Generali came from the International Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's. Following CreditWatch's decision, S&P announced Generali's rating as "A-" as a result of last year's global change criteria. Thus, the reliability of Generali as an insurance solutions provider and financial power was supported by S & P's rating increase. Tested by an extreme crisis scenario against the potential for a possible default in Italy, the General managed to pass this test.
Mario Greco, CEO of Generali Group, evaluated these important developments as follows: “2013 was a fundamental year in terms of Generali's transformation. The results obtained show that we are progressing as it should be, and even exceeding the targets in our strategic plan. For the first time in many years, all of our company's net results came directly from our own business activities rather than being affected by unusual items. "
Greco continued his words as follows; “We made profound changes at Generali Group throughout the year. In particular, we disposed of non-core assets for € 2.4 billion and acquired minority shares of € 1.5 billion in strategic areas. We have strengthened the management structure of the group and simplified its administration. At present, the Group administration is in line with international best practice. Throughout 2013, we achieved a total shareholder return of 26%. With these results and the fact that we have more than doubled our dividends, it is an indication that we are on the right track. We are aware that we still need to do more in order to reach the goals we have set. In 2014, our debts will decrease further and significant cost savings will be realized. We estimate that our operating results and net profit will improve further in line with our plan to gradually increase the profitability of our shareholders.
During the first year of the Group's three-year aya transformation strategy i, Generali has taken important steps to increase its profitability and capital stability. While focusing on its core business activity, the Group disposed of non-essential activities and invested in full control of strategic activities. The Group also strengthened its administrative structure by creating a more simple and effective organizational chart.
Generali Group, "Insurance Easy Halim" which Invests in Turkey to offer
Generali Turkey, its customers "Insurance Easy Halim 's reach while delivering a rapid return can be taken by phone or over the internet and instant" Personal Insurance Advisor "offers the service.
Generali Turkey, itself the 'leading insurer makes breakthrough in technology as' positioning. Generali offers a policy in 7 with its specially designed website ılan ”and içe 24 0850 555” line (55 55 3 1) which is reached by telephone. Customers can receive seven days and twenty-four hours of service in terms of sales, after-sales support and damage detection. You can also get 3 offers in minutes and get a policy in 3 minutes. It is enough to have it in pdf format without the printed document. Customers who want to continue their services to the traditional way of insurance service are also able to reach their agencies and Facebook pages provided by Generali. Generali in the number of agencies located in Turkey plans to double in three years XNUMX.
Leading Industry 4 New Product
Mandatory Traffic Insurance Starting from 69 TL
As part of his vision of transformation, Generali has launched new product 4. Prestige Traffic, Prestige Casco Extra, Mini Casco, Mini Casco Extra products; Generali, which offers prices starting from 69 TL for compulsory traffic, set the price for 115 TL for Mini Casco. Generali thus brought a whole new look to the insurance policies, while offering different prices in the market. These three automobile products are specifically aimed at low-income customers and vehicles of medium-sized or 4-7 age of 7-12.

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