Dikmen Municipality tender for asphalt kazansigned a contract with the company

Dikmen Municipality, asphalt tender kazansigned a contract with the company: Dikmen Municipality, Infrastructure and Asphalt Works Tender Kazanan Tufekci Ltd. Signed a Contract with Asphalt Company.
According to the statement made by Dikmen Municipality, Dikmen Mayor Yüksel Çelebi and Tüfekçi Ltd. Within the scope of the tender contract signed between Firm Director Ekrem Tüfekçi, the necessary streets and streets will be asphalted in eleven villages of Dikmen Municipality.
In his statement, Dikmen Mayor Yüksel Çelebi stated that with the signed contract, streets and streets in need in all regions of Dikmen Municipality will be asphalted, and when the project is completed, all regions within the municipality borders will have a more beautiful and contemporary appearance. kazanhe stated that he would.
With this asphalt project, the renovation works will continue in all areas of drinking water lines and the pavement and landscaping works will continue uninterrupted.

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