Passers-by-paralyzed overpass bridge gets up

📩 24/11/2018 12:02

As you remember, I brought the overpass that paralyzed the traffic in Avcılar last week.

Social Facilities One of the bridges used by the passengers to the Metrobus stop was landing in the middle of the side road, and the traffic that was falling into the single lane became paralyzed. Residents who had to use this road every day complained about the traffic in the road because of the foot in the road and asked that the bridge be moved to a point that would not interfere with the traffic. And the good news about the bridge that has turned the traffic down came.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced that a new passage will be demolished within a month, which will not affect the traffic flow. I hope it happens as the IMM officials say, and the work begins as soon as possible ...


  1. It is necessary to force those who did this kind of stupidity every day as punishment!

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