Smart City Projects of IMM at Teknofest 2019

ibb's smart city projects in teknofest
ibb's smart city projects in teknofest

Technological applications implemented by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of teknolojik Smart City Istanbul ”vision took place in TEKNOFEST- Istanbul Aerospace and Technology Fair.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) exhibits many "Smart City" technologies it has developed at TEKNOFEST 2, which opened its doors for the second time in Istanbul. Among the projects of IMM exhibited in the festival, Smart Recycling Container, Mobile EDS Systems, Smart City Management Software, Ground Istanbul Project Animation Studio and Robotic Coding Training Area, Energy Generating Floor “STEP-ON”, Breakthrough in Accounting “KOBAKÜS”, IETT Electric Bus and Charging Bicycle, IMM Mobile Applications, Traffic Density Map, Barrier-FreePark & ​​ParkRez and Visually Impaired Interactive Traffic Education Book draws attention.

The H Air Hockey Robot Game ”,“ Laser Cutting and Drawing Robot ”,“ Three Dimensional Printer and Drawing Robot ”, GPS and Remote“ Controlled DRONE and Security Robot ”projects that have been developed as a result of M Robotic Programming” trainings taken by ISMEK students are also catching the era. worth seeing as a result of training.

Symbol of Zero Waste Project; Smart Recycling Container

İBB's interesting projects have been exhibited at TEKNOFEST. One of these projects, Smart Mobile Transfer Station, which processes recyclable waste such as metal and plastic, is an award-winning project. The container, which was selected as the best project at the International Public Transport Summit and Fair, which is the biggest activity of the world in the field of public transport, also loads the amount of waste as well as the recycling value of waste to İstanbulkart. Thus, financial gain from waste is considered as a first in the world in transportation.

All About City

Smart City Management Software brings all kinds of information about the city to the screen. Traffic Density Map, Traffic Camera Images, Parking Status, Power Outages, Weather, such as information about many city life, thanks to this project is made possible.

"Thousand; Information Point ”, Your Biggest Helper

When the button is pressed, the passenger who makes a live voice call to the IETT Call Center can receive information on any matter related to public transportation (how do I go, what I have lost, what should I do, my bus will arrive, etc.).

The card reader on the system can read Istanbul cards. When a disabled citizen reads the card, the call center is automatically called. All kinds of information about help is offered. The bus that arrives is also informed that there is a disabled passenger at the stop. There is also a USB charging device with 2 port where citizens can charge their phones at the stops.

Zemin Istanbul, the center of Innovative Thinking

Zemin Istanbul - Entrepreneurship Life Center brings information technologies and design opportunities to Istanbul residents.

Barrier FreePark & ​​ParkRez

EngelsizPark is a project that serves engelli disabled citizens only ”and ParkRez serves“ all citizens engelli. Instant Live Parking Status, Map Service, Parking Selection and Reservation offers the application, Private Parking Navigation System supports smart city technologies.

Green Energy; STEP ON "

Step-On bir energy-producing floor is applied to areas where people pass intensively, contributing to electricity generation.

Groundbreaking Project in Accounting; KOBAKÜS

A system that automates the accounting of bank transactions up to a percentage of 98. It keeps track of all accounts from a single screen and offers automatic accounting service.

Com. Instead of «.IST» and «.ISTANBUL»

A great opportunity for customers who want to benefit from the brand value of Istanbul, a world city.

Solution Oriented IMM Mobile Applications

Developed by IMM Department of IT; IMM Beyazmasa, ISEM, Ispark, Miniaturk, IMM City Theaters, IMM Culture, IMM Istanbul etc. Mobile applications such as Istanbul offers convenience in many areas.

Interactive Traffic Training Book for the Visually Impaired

Visually impaired individuals; The project is designed to recognize the traffic regulators and the elements of the traffic. The book aims to minimize the potential risks faced by people with disabilities in traffic.

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