Reversing camera is required on vehicles

In vehicles, the rear-view camera is mandatory: the US Highway Traffic Security Authority announced that the 2018 will be mandatory in all cars sold in the US with a rear-view camera.
The reversing camera of the vehicles, which will be offered with standard equipment, will become standard in trucks under the weight of 4500 kg as well as cars. Underlining that 210 people die and 15.000 people were injured annually as a result of people not being able to see pedestrians while coming back, NHTSA states that this way, loss of life between 58 and 69 can be prevented. With this application, where the first phase will come into effect in 2016, a rear view camera will become mandatory in at least 10 percent of the vehicles in the model series of brands. Luxury models such as Ferrari will not be included in this application. The second stage will be held in May 2017. As of this date, 40 percent of all models of the brand will have a rear view camera compulsory. The cost of the rear view camera will be $ 45 per vehicle.

📩 24/11/2018 12:01

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