Fingerprint requirement for Driver Candidates

Fingerprint requirement for Driver Candidates: Fingerprint requirement was brought to the registration of the driver's license course. 'was also added. President of the Confederation of Driving Courses and Educators, shortly named TÜSEKON, and 04.03.2014. Ismail Yilmaz, the Izmir deputy of the period, said in a statement:
"In accordance with this amendment made in the Regulation on Motor Vehicle Drivers Course, which entered into force on 04.03.2014 under the Highways Traffic Regulation, candidates who want to enroll in the driving course in order to obtain a driving license have a 'fingerprint' certificate to be added to the documents to be requested at the time of registration. Long queues are formed, the registration offices cannot meet the demand, causing the citizens to suffer by claiming excuses such as 'our staff is not enough', 'go today, come tomorrow', 'we make an appointment for 15 days later' This practice, which was initiated before the infrastructure was prepared and the problems it would arise, has become a torment for citizens who want to obtain a driver's license and our institutions that provide driver training. ''
Yilmaz, technical infrastructure and staff started without taking into account the problems arising as a result of this application was insensitive to the proposed.
Yılmaz pointed out that the national education authorities pointed to the General Directorate of Security as the addressee of this problem and continued:
“There is an excessive workload in our registration offices, we cannot keep up, it is an application that was started without asking us,” he says. We call our authorities. This practice is contrary to the philosophy of the 'Regulation on Reducing Bureaucracy and Simplifying Transactions' dated 03.04.2012 and numbered 28253. Fingerprint certificate has nothing to do with driver training. It is not correct to ask for this document from citizens who apply to driving courses to get a driver's license. This application should be abandoned immediately and this process does not qualify for a driver's license. kazanIt should be done at the last stage of the procedures of disenfranchised citizens and by the general directorate of security.”


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