If this method had been applied in Marmaray, the train would not be derailed.

If this method was applied in Marmaray, the train would not derail: After the fearful moments experienced in Marmaray yesterday, the issue of security in the giant project came up again.

There was fearful moments in Marmaray in the morning. Due to a technical breakdown, a wagon that had been derailed has caused interruption of voyages, and citizens were evacuated by walk through the tunnel after the breakdown. This incident again brought the issue of security in the giant project again.


As a result of the construction of Marmaray, it has been a very important place in the world as a monument to both Europe and Asia. Passing under the sea in such a way that humanity is not accustomed to this great project, secretly scares every person who uses Marmaray. It is almost a reflection of this fear that many people still feel the fear of using this giant structure.


Citizens were accustomed to the fact that Marmaray was passing under the huge sea, yesterday's event brought back the fears that were trapped deep in a sense. It was announced that the trips could not be made in Marmaray due to the 'technical failure' in the morning. In the photos taken by the citizens after the incident, the wagon was derailed. In the statement made by TCDD, it was stated that "there was a disruption as a result of the deray (derailing) of the train". Marmaray flights returned to normal around 12.00:XNUMX.


After the event, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the statement made by the General Directorate of deray Marmaray rail (derailment) has been reported as a result of the disruption to occur. In the statement made by the General Directorate, it was stated that the technical malfunction occurred at 07.58 today. In the statement, “Due to a technical malfunction (train degradation), Marmaray train disruptions have occurred. From Üsküdar-Kazlıçeşme, 08.25, between AyrılıkÇeşmesi-Üsküdar, train services are available with a transfer. ” The statement said.

Istanbul University General Geology Department, Assoc. Dr. Şamil ŞEN said that the giant project, which has been taken into consideration even against big earthquakes, should be monitored by the 'real time tracking' method used in the tunnels in Europe.

In a simple way, big problems can be avoided en In NASA, they are putting instruments on planes' wings and they can even measure how deformation occurs when flying. Or they can measure in real time how a ship carrying a chemical load of 100 meters is deformed when driving. We can use the same application in our tunnels, which are very important for us, especially Marmaray. Eller Şen stated that his evaluation to AjansHaber is as follows:


It is well known that Marmaray is a tube walkway. The Bosphorus is a very young and newly opened strait. The Eurasia Tunnel is a building with a tunnel, not the top of the structure beneath the sea, but a very soft alluvial tunnel. Hence, these are structures that are like houses built on marshes.

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