Job: TÜVASAŞ Electrical Technician

TÜVASAŞ Electrical Technician
Deadline: 31 March 2014
Release Date: 21 March 2014, Issue: 2

General Terms and Notes
TO THE ATTENTION OF THE CANDIDATES WHO WILL APPLY; ***** GENERAL REQUIREMENTS ***** Candidates must graduate from any of the fields of Electricity, Electricity / Electronics, Electricity-Electronics Technology. The results of the 2012 Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) are valid for the requests, and the applications of the candidates who have at least 2012 points in 94 KPSSP60 score type will be accepted. In the KPSS score type specified among the applicants, the information explaining their names and addresses and their status will be notified to the requesting public institution and organization, starting from the highest score and not exceeding three times the number of requests. - Candidates who comply with the conditions of the request can be sent from our Provincial / Branch Directorate / Service Center at the place of the request within 10 days from the date of publication of the announcement or They can apply via the internet address. - The right of the Authority and the requesting public institution and organization to take legal action regarding the cancellation of the recruitment process and the cancellation of the application of those who give false documents or declarations are reserved. - Candidates who applied for requests and were included in the final list; educational status, experience, priority status, foreign language requirement, etc. before the written or oral examination, they must submit to the public institution and organization that submitted the request. Those who cannot document their situation or make false statements will be removed from the final list and other persons included in the list will be included in the lists. - Among the candidates who apply from the persons who will not be given central examination (priority), their names and addresses and information explaining their situation, not exceeding three times the number of requests, will be notified to the requesting public institution and organization. - When the application deadline coincides with a public holiday, applications will be accepted the next business day. - Only one application of the job seeker, whose application dates are overlapping, and who meets more than one labor force demand of the same public institution and organization, will be accepted. Among those who are entitled to priority, those who do not respond to the permanent or temporary workforce demand they have applied for, except for force majeure, do not take the exam, refuse the job or have a permanent job in the public sector, the priority right is eliminated. The right of priority can not be exploited for the second time. The addresses registered in the Address Based Population Registration System are taken into account. ****** SPECIAL CONDITIONS ****** IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the relevant regulation of the candidates; Since there is a de facto residence requirement in Sakarya Province, their applications will be deemed invalid if those who do not meet the conditions are determined in the research. Those experienced in railway locomotives and railcar manufacturing renewal and maintenance will be preferred. Workers to be recruited; He will work in the Wagon Manufacturing and Repairing business. After the final lists are announced as a result of the request, the candidates will bring the identity card and the original diploma to Tüvasaş General Directorate within 5 working days. Candidates will be notified of the interview date by TÜVASAŞ. (The worker will work in Wagon Production and Repair.)
Profession Information
Profession Experience (Year) Learning Type
Electrical Technician
Learning Information
General Unit Name General Department Name Learning Level
High School and Dengi School Electricity Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Electric-Electronic Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
High School and Dengi School Electrical and Electronics Technology Secondary Education (High School and Equilibrium)
Exam Information
Exam Category Exam Name Exam Score Type Minimum Score Limit Exam Entrance Date
Public Personnel Exams KPSS KPSSP94 60
Work Address Information
Other informations
Employer Type
Total Number of Open Business 12
Type of Contract: Indefinite Period (Permanent)
Mode of Study Full-Time



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