Minister Elvan made observations at İZBAN's Beet construction site

Minister Elvan made examinations at İZBAN's Pancar construction site: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfü Elvan took the train after the delivery of aircraft accident and fire response vehicles at the Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Terminal and took the train to İZBAN's Adnan Menderes Airport - Torbalı route. also made observations at its ongoing construction site. Making a statement after the examination, Minister Elvan reminded that one of the most important features of the project is a project carried out in cooperation with the central government, local government and related administrations, State Railways. Minister Elvan stated that the work has been completed as the ministry, but the Metropolitan Municipality has not yet completed the said stations. Minister Elvan stated that 80 thousand people from İzmir are served daily on the route between Cumaovası and Aliaağa, which is 230 kilometers away:
“A project that significantly relieves Izmir. We are not satisfied with this, it has a continuation. The distance between Cumaovası and Tepeköy will be included and we will reach 110 kilometers. The related State Railways has almost completed the necessary infrastructure works. The infrastructure is completed. If the Metropolitan Municipality completes the stations, we will open them to operation within 5 months. We, as the ministry, are currently waiting for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to complete these stations, as you notice that only the cables are not pulled in the section where the stations are located, and the other sections are completed. Hopefully, if the Metropolitan completes these works by the end of May, our citizens will now have the opportunity to use them as of the end of July.


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