It will be Turkey's first private metro project in Vadistanbul

Vadistanbul project will be Turkey's first private metro Aydinli, Keleşoğlu and Artas companies by Seyrantepe office of projects implemented as Vadistanbul foreign companies are showing interest. 1 billion pounds built in the Bulvar stage of the 180 thousand square meters of office space, saying that Artaş Construction Chairman Süleyman Çetinsaya, Büyükdere Caddesi and Maslak corporate companies showed great interest in the Vadistanbul project said. Çetinsaya said, istiy These companies, which are currently in Class A plazas on Maslak-Büyükdere Street, want to get their own places instead of giving the rent of the square meter 25-30. Ç
Çetinsaya, in the Vadistanbul project, since the foundation of the 25 premium increase since the last year realized a rise. Çetinsaya stated that they expect a further increase in 10 by July until the deliveries will be made. Ay The 1.111 apartment, which was not sold in the first phase of the project, was sold in 283. The price per square meter of 5.500 liras, 6.650 pounds came out, Met he said. Çetinsaya said that they had doubled the number of hotels in the project because of the incoming requests and said they are still in negotiations for block sales or leasing.
Vadistanbul will be Turkey's first private metro project. In addition, with Havaray, the project will be connected to the city's metro network. Stating that this connection will cost 10 million lira, Süleyman Çetinsaya said, “From the project, we will build a havaray that goes to the metro next to TT Arena via poles. We will build the Havara and hand it over to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. "We will get help from a Swiss company for the 980 meter long havaray."


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