Domestic Production Anatolian Sets will be put into service tomorrow in Sivas Divrigi Line

Domestic Production Anatolian Sets
Domestic Production Anatolian Sets

Domestic production Anatolian sets will be put into service tomorrow on Sivas-Divrigi line: 22 February 2014 with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan . Travel time with the Anatolian sets set between Sivas and Divrigi, converging with the completion of the 14.30 kilometer Tecer-Kangal variant

5 clock will drop from 2 clock to 16 minute.

Republic of Turkey State Railways in a written statement made by the General Directorate of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's participation with 22 February 2014 Saturday at a ceremony held in Sivas Train Station in 14.30 Tec-coil variant of completion by shortening the Sivas-Divriği line domestic production will be put into service the Anatolian set It was reported.

50, which sets off on the expedition between Sivas-Divriği, which is close to the completion of the 5-kilometer-Tecer-Kangal variant, will go down to 2 hours of 16 hours in 08.45 hours. 17.50 will move in 06.00, Divriği, 14.45 and 14. As it is known, Tecer-Kangal Variant reduces the maximum road slope to 40 per thousand, increases the radius of the minimum curve to one thousand meters, increases the locomotive drawer by 75 and decreases the travel time from 30 to XNUMX minutes and saves time and fuel.

In the variant, there is also the longest tunnel on the conventional lines, the Dintas Tunnel of the 5.5 kilometer. Anatolian sets of domestic production provide a more comfortable and faster service, reduce operating costs in short and medium-distance transportation and increase the share of railways in passenger transportation. Yer

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