Domestic Train Set Started Train Schedules on Anadolu Sivas Divriği Line

Domestic Production Anatolian Sets
Domestic Production Anatolian Sets

Domestic Train Set Anatolian Sivas Divrigi line started train services: Domestic production Anatolian sets, Sivas-Divriği line began the campaign. Minister Yılmaz: le With these campaigns, every citizen will get 3 hours ”
Speaking at the ceremony held in Sivas Station National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz, the government said they have fulfilled their promise to citizens.

Sivas closer to Divriği, said they shortened the distance, Yilmaz, inaccessible mountains, overpasses, passing through the tunnels said.

Yılmaz pointed out that the high speed train is a sign of modernity. I thank those who have contributed to the realization of Raybus.

May Allah grant you trouble-free flights. This time, every citizen 3 hours are saved. I would like to ask one of our citizens that the 3 clock to work for the AK Party, ”he said.
After the speeches, the ribbon was cut and the flights between Divriği and Sivas were started. Minister Yilmaz, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry Undersecretary Mehmet Habib Pale, Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman and his entourage went to Raybüs'l to Divrigi.

Domestic production Anatolian sets

TCDD, a subsidiary of Wagon Industry Corporation of Turkey (from TÜVASAŞ) stated that the kit produced Anatolia with every comfort.

Domestic production Anatolia sets offer a more comfortable and faster service, lower operating costs in short and medium-distance transportation, increased the share of rail transport in passenger transport were recorded.

sivas divrigi railway map
sivas divrigi railway map

The longest tunnel on the conventional lines, including the 5,5-kilometer Deliktaş Tunnel, the 50-kilometer of the variant of the Tecer-Kangal converging between the Sivas-Divriği converged between the Anatolian sets of travel time with the 5 hours of 2 hours 16 hours was expressed.

The expeditions, Divriği time 06.00 and 14.45'de, the clock will be held at 08.45 and 17.50 from Sivas.

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