Mersine Gaziantep Style Light Rail System

Mersine Gaziantep Style Light Rail System: AK Party Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Mustafa Sever announced that if he was elected, he would not stick to law enforcement and he would preside for a maximum of two terms. Sever came to Gaziantep within the scope of election studies and exchanged ideas with Ak Party Mayor Asım Güzelbey on the projects he realized. Accompanied by Mersin 11 Mayor Mekin Merter Salt, Yenişehir Mayor Candidate Gönül Dilmenli and Tarsus Mayor Candidate Hakkı Meniz, Sever examined the projects implemented in Gaziantep on site.
Stating that he will implement the Light Rail System project in Mersin to solve the traffic problem, Sever visited the tram station in Gaziantep and made investigations in this context. While Sever exchanged ideas with Güzelbey about the project, the cost of the Light Rail System project to Mersin, passenger capacity and routes were also discussed during the visit. Sever, who also visited the pedestrianized bazaar in Gaziantep, noted that they will implement a similar project in Mersin. Sever underlined whether he would stick to the seat if elected. Asım Güzelbey stated that, as he promised, he would be the mayor of the metropolitan municipality for a maximum of two terms. Sever, 2014 local elections kazanIf we do, I will not be a candidate for the third term after I have completed all the works that I have dreamed of within the scope of the development and development of Mersin in two terms”.


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