The goal of the Sochi Paralympic Games to return with medals

📩 24/11/2018 13:18

The goal is to return from the Sochi Paralympic Games with a Medal: Disabled national athlete Mehmet Çekiç, who will compete in the Paralympic Games to be held in Sochi, Russia, entered the camp at Palandöken Ski Center.

Paralympic Skiing at the camp in America in a Sport Esat Bayındırlı Hammer, who will represent Turkey, was the first training session out on the track with a prosthetic leg.

Çekiç, who entered the camp in Palandöken with the national team coach Murat Tosun, aims to win medals in the races he will participate in Sochi.

Hammer, said in a statement to reporters, said Turkey had the honor to represent the first time that the Paralympic Games with Bayındırlı.

Reminding that one leg was injured after a traffic accident, Çekiç said:

“I lost one leg in the accident I had 4 years ago and I use prosthetics. I started sports again with a decision I made. I promised myself what I am going to do the same when I am healthy. After the decision I made, I am in camp in Erzurum today with the support of my teachers and I came to a very good place. I was not resentful after the accident and as a person who came from the sport I never broke off from skiing. There is no obstacle to skiing right now. My greatest goal is to go to Turkey for the Sochi medals. I live in France, but I believe that I will represent my country in Sochi best. ”

Coach Tosun successful results from the first time Turkey will participate in the race said they believe they will achieve. Stating that they are expecting medals from Bayındırlı and Çekiç, Tosun said:

“I am preparing my friends for the Olympics with a proud task with a holy task with the amateur spirit. The winter period was good. We participated in world and European championships abroad. We had a good season by competing in Canada and Austria. After the camp we held in Erzurum at the beginning of the season, we went to the European Cup and a good degree emerged there. Now we are in the last camp with great excitement and we are waiting for the races. We have hope in the games to be held in Sochi between 6-16 March. We expect very good degrees. ”

From Erzurum to Turkey Physically Disabled Sports Federation President closely followed the work of the camp said they could not tell if they live with DEMIRHAN Serefhan word happiness.

indicating that the world's athletes to succeed against the national team they believe will put forward a very good performance Serefhan, "Turkey for the first time in this branch represents a separate source of pride. We have a lot of trust in our athletes. They will successfully represent our country among many athletes. At least, our athletes going to Sochi will be a source of light for the physically disabled people. It will enable them to turn to sports centers ”.