Giant Projects Increased the Value of Which Regions in Istanbul

Giant Projects Increased the Value of Which Regions in Istanbul: According to the research carried out by EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme, the value increase in Istanbul has reached from 5% to over 30% on regional basis.
EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme A.Ş. According to the research conducted by Research and Reporting Manager Gökçen Taşkın, the opening of Marmaray, acceleration of urban transformations and approaching the end on the 3rd bridge in the last year have added value to residential areas in Istanbul at various rates.
Value increase goes up to 30%
In the report, which is updated every December by Eva Gayrimenkul and keeps the pulse of Istanbul's branded housing market, the increase in value of the residential areas is discussed in detail. The results of the report reveal that the progress of the 3rd Bridge works and the opening of Marmaray were effective in the increase in value.
The value increase in the report is divided into four main groups: 5% - 10%, 10% - 20%, 20% - 30% and 30% above. While it has been determined that the 3rd Bridge project is effective in Kemerburgaz, which is one of the most valuable regions, Kağıthane - Seyrantepe, which is the favorite area of ​​investors, has gained a rapid acceleration in terms of value increase.
EVA Real Estate Appraisal Research and Reporting Manager Taşkın, who stated that many projects have been developed recently in the areas where Marmaray is in the Kazlıçeşme exit, have stated that the results of Marmaray being commissioned and being a preferable region due to the location of the region are positive. is entering.
Some regions lost altitude in value increase
Taşkın notes that Kartal - Maltepe, one of the regions that has gained the most value recently, has gained saturation after the momentum in the previous period, and therefore, the increase in value in the current period is less compared to the previous period. Stating that another example of this situation is Ataşehir and Şerifali, Taşkın says that the increase in value is less compared to the previous period, as there is a significant satisfaction in these regions.
Stating that one of the regions with a relatively lower percentage of increase in value compared to the previous period is the Basin Ekspres and the vicinity of Güneşli, Taşkın said that in the last two to three years, mixed projects including hotels, offices, shopping malls, residences or all of them have been developed on large plots, as well as the location advantage. It notes that it is an area of ​​exploitation. Expressing that the increase in the value of the region is also supported by rail system projects, Taşkın states that as a result of the analysis made on the branded housing projects in the region in the last year, they have determined that the value increase has decreased compared to the previous period. Saying “This shows that the region has reached a certain saturation”, Taşkın evaluates the results of the developments as follows: “Of course, this does not mean that the region will not gain value again. In Istanbul, where the real estate agenda can change at any time, the balances in value increases can also change with new projects and transportation systems. "
Throat line is rapidly gaining value
Stating that the Anatolian Side Bosphorus Line, which has high goodwill and where concept projects are developed, is among the regions that gain the most value, Taşkın notes that this is why prestigious projects have added value to this region, and that luxury projects with low housing numbers and high flat prices increase the prestige of the region. .
In the research of EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme, the value increases are examined on the basis of 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartment types as well as regional value increases. According to the results of the research, 1 + 1 flat type gains the most value in Pendik region. In Pendik, a region where projects with a large number of residences are located, as investors give more space to investment residences in their projects, apartments with smaller square meters are in demand as investment residences and their values ​​are increasing.
2 + 1 flat type gains the most value in Zeytinburnu - Airport axis. As a matter of fact, it is determined that this segment, which has a high increase in regional value, is preferred for both residence and investment purposes, considering the location advantage and the projects developed in the region. On the other hand, 3 + 1 flat type shows the most increase in value in Kağıthane - Seyrantepe region. The region is among the regions with the fastest real estate activity. The residential development of the region, which stands out as the office district, continues its parallel development.
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