Konya YHT Gar Duray laughs the taxi drivers

Konya YHT Station Stop makes the taxi drivers smile: The taxi driver is looked upon as a bogeyman. The taxi driver has a problem with the location problem, from the fees requested from them for the parking lot. These prejudices must be broken,” he said. In Konya, 580 taxis continue to serve at 80 stops, 7 days and 24 hours. Most taxis are located at the Otogar Taxi Stand. 87 taxis are in service at the bus station. The most popular stop of recent times is the Station Station. With the introduction of the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT), the number of taxis at the stop and kazanincrease occurred. Station Taxi by the number of vehicles and the most kazanAirport Taxi Stop is followed by the moment stops.
Taxis are also available for rent. Taxi rents range from 600 TL to 200 TL per month. Taxi plate prices are increasing every year. Taxi prices are directly proportional to the popularity of the station. Taxi plate prices range from 140 thousand TL to 250 thousand TL. Many problems of the taxi driver have not been solved yet. Taxi drivers have reached modern stops with the latest regulations. Some taxis running on the Mevlana Museum-Courthouse line carry passengers at the price of a minibus. Tradesmen, taxi drivers neglected the business of taxis at Station Stop increased with the High Speed ​​Train. He complained that the taxi driver was not given the necessary importance. Pirate taxis also put shopkeepers in a difficult situation. Some taxi drivers, who set up unlicensed stops in various locations, do not allow other colleagues to take passengers from these regions.
Stating his opinion on the current problems of the taxi driver, Ömer Sevindik, Head of the Station Taxi Station, said, “I have been a taxi driver in Konya for about 25 years. Our people see the taxi as a yellow bogeyman, not as a means of transportation. Some citizens taking a taxi, 'do not download me in front of my house. Do not let my neighbors see that I get out of the taxi. Our neighbors get it wrong, 'he says. We have encountered this situation many times. We have to erase this prejudice. The public should be made conscious ”. Stating that there are 20 vehicles at the Station Station, Sevindik said, “The intensity at the station depends on the train services. With the High Speed ​​Train, the business of the taxis at the station increased. When the train arrives, almost all of the vehicles can find jobs at the same time. Our expenses at the stop are high. We pay for the place where the taxis stop and for the toilet we use. The construction of modern taxi stands both pleased the taxi driver and increased the taxi driver's business. This was a welcome development. This kind of good deeds should be signed ”.
Stating that the number of taxis in Konya is sufficient, Sevindik said, “The taxi drivers, whose problems are ignored from time to time, sometimes work 20 hours a day. Therefore, the right of the profession representatives should be given on time and on the spot ”. Speaking on the subject, Bus Terminal Taxi Stop drivers said, “The choice of High Speed ​​Train and plane caused a decrease in business. We have 87 taxis. We cannot see the old jobs. Previously, the Bus Station was the center of intercity transportation. Now this center is divided into three. Today, high-speed trains and planes are preferred. This decreases the taxi driver's job ”he said.

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