Kocaelispor supporter says green no black tram

Kocaelispor fans green black tram no says: New issue tram these days. They put a tram in the heart of the city. Anyone can go and see. Of course, this tram is just for show. No system, no project. That's not really our point. What's bothering me is another. Now you have a survey of what the color of this tram is. In addition, a survey is done within the name. I'd like to say something about the color work of the tram. There are discourses such as green color in the color options. I'm strongly violent to be green black. It's so funny to make this team a tram after the colors are green black.
I want to make a call to our fans from here. Do not attempt to vote and get a green black tram. Tram green black team will be in the amateur cluster. Would there be such a contrasting application? What green tram will make Kocaelispor gain. Kocaelispor fans should not be in such an event. Kocaelispor is a team that cannot obtain license. I have a suggestion about this. Financial support to the firm Kocaelispor, which will do this tram business. Then, license permission is obtained with this money. If this happens, the tram should be green and black. If Kocaelispor exists, green, black color becomes important. Otherwise, what happens if the tram is green and black after there is no team. Green black colors should not be offered for everything. Everyone should know this.


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