If the tram runs in Izmit or if you want orange,

Whether the tram runs in Izmit or the color of orange: Thank God we have seen these days. The tram has arrived. If there is still an unbeliever, he can go and see it. Even if it is not working yet, it remains in Anıtpark. Hopefully, it will work in 2015. It will go from Seka West Terminal to Bus Station. I went and saw it. So cute. We haven't named it yet. We will put the appropriate one among the names Izmitray, Körfezray, Akçaray, Akçakocaray and Akray. Its color will also be evident in the coming days. Green or black, purple or gray? Personally, my opinion is; let's see it work or get it in orange color.
Then I hope we will put the blue for men and pink for women into service until 2023! Pink is driven by a female driver, Mavi is a young man with a mustache… Aside from a joke, it is very important that we even discuss this now. People living in Kocaeli, Turkey's richest city, did not receive a kind of service that they deserve in transportation. The tram, which should have arrived by now, has just arrived. He also stands in Anıtpark without working. Anyway at least it came. There will be those who will say "Is it an investment?" "You haven't brought it in 10 years, are you doing a show 2 months before the elections?" those who say will appear. These are also the nature of politics. Regardless, we started to discuss the tram, not what time the minibuses will arrive at the station. This is the best. Tomorrow maybe a subway part will come to Anıtpark. The seasons change, it becomes the Mediterranean ...

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