The fast train will come, m'ola

High speed train comes m'ola: From time to time, my way goes to the Ayrılıkçeşme tern station, which is already quite close to home. The starting point of Marmaray on the Anatolian side, Ayrilikcesme; He is waiting for the high-speed train he will meet someday. Although it has been determined for a long time that the starting station in Istanbul will be Pendik, there is not much good news from the fast train, which is announced to start flights as of February of this year.
We do not know whether the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line has been completed, but after the 17 December earthquake, which turned the country's agenda upside down, the high-speed train, which was eagerly awaited to arrive in Istanbul, seems to have been forgotten. When we talk about investigating and investigating in HNV, all this seems to affect the fate of YHT.
However, with what hopes we were watching his way. If we could find it, we would immediately buy a ticket and enjoy reaching Ankara in 3,5 hours. In fact, we would not be content with Ankara, we would go to Konya by extending our journey for 1,5 hours. Istanbul- Konya 5 hours. "Come ... Come", calling us by road, we will not be able to go easily by road .. Moreover, we can return on the same day if we want .. To set off in the morning and to be able to travel around Konya and return home in the same day after visiting Mevlana ..
I have also shared on these pages: I made a trip from Istanbul to Ankara last October through Eskişehir and went from Eskişehir to Ankara by high-speed train. I still have the taste of this short but magnificent journey. When I say that I will experience many beautiful moments between Istanbul-Ankara-Istanbul, the high-speed train; He is waiting in a tunnel that is unknown when he will come out.
Despite everything, if we say that February ends, there is still 1,5 months. I hope I will be wrong and the fast train "Will it come?" he comes on time without looking at his ways.

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