What will be the Kecioren subway

What will be the Keçiören metro? 214 projects were opened in Ankara yesterday with the participation of the Prime Minister. While concreting stood out in the projects, even the renewal of 11 buildings' exteriors were added to the list. The Prime Minister said, "They laid the groundwork, they couldn't, we introduced Ankara to the subway", but the Keçiören Metro has not been completed for 14 years.
214 project, which was constructed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, was opened with a ceremony held in Arena Sports Hall. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also attended the opening ceremony.
Prime Minister and Gokcek gave a speech.
Gokcek spoke at the opening, accompanied by the video presentations of the projects, eş 317 million pounds were spent for the projects. We want our Prime Minister to spend time with us for opening 6 once again until the elections. Baş
In his statement, Gökçek also told about the actions they have done. Accordingly, 191 viaducts and underpasses, 89 taxis, 11 minibus stops, 25 clock towers were built. Gökçek said, “Birds used to fall off the branches due to air pollution. We became the municipality that received an environmental award with 1300 natural gas buses ”and at the same speech he boasted that the number of vehicles increased to one and a half million. Gökçek also emphasized his wish for the completion of the METU boulevard, which caused the death of 3000 trees.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to the podium after Gökçek. The Prime Minister said, “They laid the groundwork in the past and could not open it. The donkey dies, it remains, the human remains. The Prime Minister said, “There was Ankara 15-20 years ago, now there is Ankara that is being rebuilt. Ankara met this period with the subway. (Those who are jealous of their cheers) Do not crack, they will understand, they will know, they will walk with us, ”he said.
Yesterday's opening, while the exterior renewal of 11 buildings and shops were included, despite the Prime Minister's promise, "They laid the groundwork but could not open it", Keçiören Metro, which was supposed to be completed in 2005, could not be opened yet.
'Public facilities are spent on political work'
The CHP asked for the establishment of an investigative commission in the Assembly for the government's activities under collective opening or similar names.
CHP Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu and friends by the proposal submitted to the Parliament Presidency, "the government's public opening or investigate the activities carried out under similar names of public facilities in Turkey to prevent its use for political work and fair determination of the measures to be taken to create a politically competitive environment" on the grounds A parliamentary investigation was requested.
In the rationale of the motion, it was stated that the public opening of the public opening ceremonies carried out by the Prime Minister and the AKP, where the local governors were mobilized, were converted into election rallies.

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