Kadıköy Private Security Violence in Kartal Metro

Kadıköy Private security violence in Kartal Metro:Kadıköy- Private security guards intervened the university students who put stickers on the pictures of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the subways on the eagle line.
Citizens in the subway reacted to the harsh intervention of security officials.

Tayyip Erdogan's ır Strong Will ulaşım posters received a response from the Student Collectives, which the Civil Solidarity Platform had put on public transportation all over Istanbul.

Kadıköy Private security guards, members of the collective, who put stickers on the "Strong Will" posters in the Metro, intervened. The people also reacted to the security forces dragging the university students off the subway by force.

Private security officers also seized the phones of students who were trying to get an image. There was also a brief discussion between the subway passengers and the private security officers who objected to the violence against the students.

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