Ski National Team to realize first

Ski National Team will be the first: Ski National Team participated in the 22nd Winter Olympic Games for the first time with more athletes than the quota and won a medal. kazantargeting May.

For the Olympics to be held in Sochi, Russia, the ski team, which went through an intense camp process at the Palandöken Ski Center, scored points in the international championships to be held in Iran and Europe. kazanIP is pursuing to participate in the Olympics with 2 more athletes apart from the quota.

For the first time in the Olympics to be held in Sochi, except for the quota, 4 athletes aiming to participate in the team, the Olympics will fight for the gold medal.

Ski Federation General Coordinator Omer Anali, AA correspondent, said the national team entering the camp first in Iran and then participate in competitions in Europe, he said.

Point kazanPointing out that these competitions are important in order to achieve success, Analı said, “The reason for going especially to the competitions in Europe is to ensure that they participate directly in the Olympics outside the quota by collecting points. We will represent our country for the first time outside the normal quota. We aim to participate in the Olympics with a total of 4 athletes. We will compete in the slalom and giant slalom categories. We live in a busy camp. Our goal is medal kazanmak,” he said.

Under normal circumstances Adali stating that Turkey's first male athlete quota of 1 including 1 lady, "we have a disabled athlete in Kayseri, it continues physical therapy. He will catch up with the competitions in Iran in January. ”

“We are very well prepared for Sochi”

Touching on the importance of joining Sochi-2014 for them, Analı said, “It is a very good event for Turkish sports. Apart from the quota, joining is even better. We are in the same position not only in skiing but also in skiing. I hope it will be as we hope ”.

Analı, the national team as well as male athletes are also successful, stating that the young people from the bottom of the Sochi prepared for the Olympics said.

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