Injured While Skiing On The Peak Of The Palandoken

Injured While Skiing at the Peak of Palandöken: The local tourist who lost his balance while skiing at the summit of Palandöken Ski Center was injured.

25-year-old Ertuğrul Sürücü, who was skiing on the track of Dedeman Hotel in Palandöken, fell and broke his arm after he lost his balance. Upon the notification of the situation to the authorities, the medical teams and the Provincial Gendarmerie Command Search and Rescue team made the first response to the injured Ertuğrul Sürücü at the summit of Palandöken. After the first intervention, the injured Ertuğrul Sürücü was taken to Erzurum Regional Training and Research Hospital by ambulance after being taken from the top of the mountain with a snow vehicle.

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