The meaningful lure

Significant fidelity to Penbegüllü: The road project to the Tatlıkuyu neighborhood by the Metropolitan Municipality is about to be completed. The road project works by the metropolitan municipality in Tatlıkuyu district is about to be completed. High Speed ​​and Marmaray stations [more…]


Adaray Flight Hours

Adaray Timetable: Interest in the City Rail System Application (ADARAY), implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, is increasing day by day. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head İsmail Yolcu, 'ADARAY flights [more…]

34 Istanbul

Transfer from Marmaray to Edirnekapı

Transfer from Marmaray to Edirnekapı: Transfer bus services from Kazlıçeşme station to Edirnekapı tram stop of Marmaray, which was put into service last month and attracted great interest, were put into service by IETT. Departure of buses on the line that enters service with MR12 [more…]

07 Antalya

Police fleeing on the tramway

The motorcycle escaping from the police fell on the tramway: The motorcycle with 3 people escaping by not following the 'stop' warning of the police in Antalya fell down on the tramway. Motorcycle, tram, where 3 people fled by not following the 'stop' warning of the police in Antalya [more…]