The meaningful lure

Significant fidelity to Penbegüllü: The road project to the Tatlıkuyu neighborhood by the Metropolitan Municipality is about to be completed. The road project works by the metropolitan municipality in Tatlıkuyu district is about to be completed. High Speed ​​and Marmaray stations [more…]


RayHaber 10.12.2013 Tender Bulletin

Additional electromechanical works for Ankara subways will be made Konya Gara X-Ray Device Metal Detector Will Be Purchased Master Controller Purchase (For Diesel Train Sets Terra Vehicles) TÜVASAŞ ECM-Electronic Engine Controller Purchase (Diesel) [more…]


Adaray Flight Hours

Adaray Expedition Hours: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality implemented by the City Rail System Application (ADARAY) interest is increasing day by day. İsmail Yolcu, Head of Transportation Department of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, said: 'ADARAY flights [more…]