Ro-Ro flights will be launched to solve the TIR ordeal in TEM

Ro-Ro flights will be launched to solve the TIR ordeal in TEM: Ahmet Paksoy, General Manager of IDO, announced that they will launch Ro-Ro flights to transport trucks from Istanbul Ambarli to Bursa and Bandirma.
IDO is preparing for more leaps and bows to relieve the traffic. Ahmet Paksoy, General Manager of the company, announced that they will launch the Ro-Ro expedition to transport their trucks from Ambarlı to Bursa and Bandırma.
Ahmet Paksoy, General Manager of Istanbul Sea Buses (IDO), stated that projects like Marmaray, Third Bridge, Izmit Gulf Transition will open new lines so that companies do not reduce the number of passengers and vehicles. Paksoy, the most important of these projects from Istanbul Ambarli Bursa and Bandırma trucks, trucks with Ro-Ro said to move. Thus, especially in TEM, the congestion caused by heavy vehicles will be reduced.
Skytürk360 Television's three-point program, which is a guest of the General Manager of IDO Paksoy, Northern Marmara has a very important Ro-Ro area and announced that they will establish a port in this area. Paksoy emphasized that they will carry thousands of trucks with the Ro-Ro project in North-South Marmara.
“We want to build a new scaffolding network for scaffolding and waiting areas. At the moment there are a lot of companies that make this move, but it's an excellent IDO quality service that we dream of. We have a very important advantage to make existing projects in that place by getting a location. We will put this very clearly in time. Bunu
Paksoy, who expressed that the vessel is the biggest distress in Istanbul and that the ship could comfortably dock and load and unload, stated that there is an investment area of ​​200 in Ambarlı and this study will bring hundreds of millions of dollars of income.
Kadıköy-When the Kartal metro line was opened, Bostancı-KadıköySaying that they lost 40 percent of passengers in Turkey, Paksoy said, “When you come to Yenikapı, it is very comfortable with Marmaray. HalkalıYou will reach. KadıköyTransportation from Gebze to Gebze from there will be very convenient when the Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro line is opened. On the one hand, you will reach Başakşehir from the Aksaray line and from there you have the chance to reach Taksim. ” gave the information.
İDO'nun imagined Ro-Ro project that expresses the quality of the ferry Paksoy said:
Uz We are indispensable by our customers because we give our work to people in economic terms. That's why our ferries come so full. Sell ​​our tickets in the front of our warehouse in Ambarlı, South Marmara Bandırma Region or in different regions with excellent ships. The Marmara region has developed in the economic sense. The Third Bridge will be a by-pass point, but with our Ro-Ro project in North-South Marmara, we will have thousands of TIR transports. This has added value to the economy. Bun
Marmaray'ın proud of the country is a great project, indicating that the IDO General Manager Paksoy, this transportation channel opened the passenger lost domestic flights, he said. Nevertheless, Paksoy pointed out that Marmaray made Yenikapı the transfer center.
Var Marmaray has a tremendous benefit to us. We took sea buses on domestic lines, we gave them to the international lines. Yenikapı became the center of transfer. Marmaray will also bring us passengers. Marmar Bursa Metropolitan Municipality established BUDO, the IDO, which expresses the influence of Paksoy, more than their competitors, focused on their own goals, he said. Paksoy stated that there should be an ethical competition in the privatization of IDO. The public has a chance to start a company. For example, IDO, a private company from a place to take a chance to get a line.
Inexperienced, taught to listen
Ahmet Paksoy, who is an academician at the age of 30, told the information he learned in the academy and in practical life both in his book 'You're Lucky With Your Fascination'. Paksoy, İDO'dan the general manager when the proposal came without hesitation, leaving the academy, he said. Paksoy, who said that the advantages of being inexperienced, said that he learned about his inexperience and the ability to listen and get advice.

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