Here are the mega projects that marked the last 15 year

Here mega-projects that have marked the last year 15: 15 Last year, Turkey became one of the fastest growing countries in the world .. Giant investment made with the opening of the mega-project rate continues unabated.
Organization prepares to celebrate today the 15th anniversary of the AK Party, Turkey has managed 14 years of uninterrupted power during insertion of the fastest growing countries in the world.
Foreign capital flowed
during the AK Party, Turkey, Osmangazi Bridge, the Marmaray, 3rd Bridge and 3. High-speed train from the airport so he also met many huge projects.
Important nationalization steps were taken in the field of defense. Public investments, which cannot be made, are history. Many projects were realized by opening the front of the private sector. So instead of investment flowed into Turkey budget interest lobby.
During the AK Party period, the money that did not go to interest exceeded 600 billion dollars. During this period, the debt to the IMF finishers Turkey ceased to be indebted to the international market. during the AK Party, Turkey's credit rating at 'investment' came level. As a result, Turkey, a total of 15.1 billion dollars in foreign investment while taking throughout the history of the Republic, during the period 2003-2015 148 billion dollars.
There are two big opening
Although 2016 remains in mind with the bloody coup attempt of FETÖ during the AK Party period, this year will be the year in which the most important investments are served.
At the end of a 39-month work, the Osmangazi Bridge was opened just before the coup attempt, and two more giant projects are coming into play this year. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be opened on August 26, and the Eurasia Tunnel will be opened on December 20.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which has an investment cost of 4.5 billion lira, will have a 4 + 4 lane highway and a 1 + 1 lane railway. The 59rd Bridge, which is the widest suspension bridge in the world with 3 meters, is 1.875 meters long.
The Eurasia Tunnel, which will reduce the distance between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme from 100 minutes to 15 minutes, will allow the passage of rubber-wheeled vehicles this time after Marmaray, which allows rail transportation by passing the Bosphorus under the sea. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway project will also be put into service at the end of this year.
Housing move
AK Party, as well as double roads, airports and dams, as well as important investments via TOKİ and Emlak Konut launched an important move.
During this period, TOKI produced 81 thousand residences in 3.030 construction sites in 650 provinces. 900 thousand people were employed, directly and indirectly. During the total construction and project phase, 68.3 tenders worth 5.309 billion TL were concluded. TOKI's move also stimulated the private sector. Giant housing projects began to rise all over Turkey.
Giant projects coming one after the other
The AK Party government has carried out many projects so far and has taken important steps in many projects. Some of these projects are as follows:
1) Channel Istanbul: 15 will be a billion dollar investment. 500 will be located on two sides of the channel in the form of a new city 250 bin + 250 bin or 200 bin + 300 bin of a thousand people.
2) 3rd Airport: Work on the construction of the 3rd Airport continues. With the completion of the project, 150 terminals with a capacity of 4 million passengers will be built. The cost of the project is 10.2 billion Euros.
3) Çanakkale 1915 Bridge: 18 Mart will be the first excavation on the anniversary of the commemoration of Çanakkale Martyrs. Lapseki district between Sekerkaya and Gelibolu district of Sütlüce.
4) 3 Large Istanbul Tunnel: There will be two lanes going on one floor of the tunnel, one metro on the middle floor and two lanes under one direction.
5) TANAP Project: TANAP, which will transport Azeri gas to Europe, is a 10 billion dollar project. It will both ensure Europe's energy security and contribute to the Turkish economy.
6) Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant: Turkey's first nuclear power plant will be completed in 2020. The construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project and related to the first is aimed at producing electricity in 2022. The cost of the Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) to be established in Mersin Akkuyu is calculated as 20 billion dollars.
7) Sinop Nuclear Power Plant: In addition to Akkuyu, the second nuclear power plant of 22 billion dollars is planned to be built by the Japanese in Sinop.

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