Domestic Tram Silkworm Starts Journeys After 1 Month


Native tram Silkworm 1 months after starting the journey time: Bursa Metropolitan the Municipality to be used in manufactured and Sculpture Garage T1 line under the supervision of the first local tram Turkey 'Silkworm' passing with success their free test drive, 19 thousand 740 kilos during the month 1 with the sandbag weight to be tested. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the patriotic seat, Ataturk Street, the local tram, 1 will start voyages after the voyage after month.

Under the supervision of the Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Produced by the company and the driving test two days before the start of Turkey's first local tram 'Silkworm' successfully passed the tests with approximately 38-ton curb weight. During the tests carried out in order to see the problems that may occur on the line, it was observed that the rails were covered with 2-3 millimeters thick pitches in some regions and this layer served as isolation and the vehicle fell off the power due to the blocking of the current cycle. On top of that, the teams that started the work, cleaned the rails covered with tar. After the 6,5 kilometer line was cleaned, the tram completed the 5 tour without any problems.

After a month of voyages

Mayor Recep Altepe, who closely followed the test drives, took the local tram, which he lived in for the last night, to Atatürk Street. Indigenous Bursa tram project is not a project of Turkey recalled that President Altepe, "Silkworm, illustrating the point that it was an important piece of Turkish engineering. The failures seen in the ongoing test drives are eliminated immediately. So far, no major problems. We can say that the empty ride is completed smoothly. Now tests will be done with sandbags and 1 will launch the voyages after months. Already get good Bursa '' he said.

Var There is indigestion of success “

Local Tram Project Consultant Taha Aydın claimed that the stop of the tram at some points during the test drive was deliberately distorted on social media, claiming that there was a group in Bursa that wanted the project to fail. Aydın, who explained the stopping of the tram at certain points, said, Aydın In the kataner system, the energy taken from the upper cable is given to the rails by the wheels. This is the current loop. However, after paving the road in some areas covered with bitumen over the rails. With the passing of the tools over the 2 - 3 millimeters have formed layers. In these regions, the current cycle is not fully ensured and the vehicle is de-energized. Cleaning was done at these points and after this pause the tram took the 5 tour without any problems. But there is a group waiting for the failure of this project, the tram stopped seeing the joy of social media 'tram on the road remained,' he announcements. However, if they had waited another half an hour, they would see the trolley going smoothly. O

Tested on soapy rails

Aydın underlined that all the tests were done on the test track according to the international certification rules. Eğ During the test, the sloping areas are covered with a special soap and the ability to stop at both the exit and the descent. Although the tram we produced had a double engine group, this test was passed by using the only engine group. All weather conditions were simulated on rails lubricated with soap. So, in all weather conditions such as snow, winter and rain, our tram will work without any problems. We didn't have any problems with the 8 inclination at the exit and stop. We have limited the maximum 70 mileage per hour to 50 mileage in terms of safety, and now we will put the 19 bin 740 weight punching bag on full weight. Due to international rules, this test will last for 1 months. After the successful completion of these tests, the voyages will begin.

Want to cast a shadow on success

Stating that the local tram is the pride of Turkish engineering, Aydın said, ifade The wagons used in the Bursaray line were produced by German Bombardier. When these vehicles came to Bursa, they were tested for a full 4 month. In fact, the air conditioners did not work when the vehicles arrived, the doors opened and closed automatically. Some of them had problems with the brake system. However, the tools produced by Turkish engineers are trying to shade on the second day of the tests. It is not possible to understand this. There is a group of people looking for opportunities to stop the vehicle. However, I can easily say that our tests will last 1 months and our curiosity may stop around our line. Everybody will see 1 throughout the month as the local trolley runs around the streets of Bursa without any problems. Yer

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