150-Year Dream Marmaray Test Drive Made by Prime Minister

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Marmaray Map and Marmaray Expedition Times

The test drive of the 150-year-old dream Marmaray was carried out by the Prime Minister: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan carried out the Marmaray test drive. Erdogan sat in the driver's seat and crossed the Bosphorus from the Asian side to the European side with the train he used. Erdogan, "This project is not only the project's and Turkey's Istanbul, is a gigantic project of Beijing-London route will also connect to each other," he said.

Erdogan, the Marmaray Project only in Istanbul and Turkey is not a project, but also Beijing-London line will connect and be integrated in the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line is to walk again, she said it was a huge project. Erdoğan, Marmaray and Kartal-Kadıköy metro line transfer stop, was examined in Marlikray Project, Ayrılıkçeşme.

Following the briefing of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, Erdoğan said, “It would be wrong to call this the project of the century, in fact, it is the project of the centuries. Because we are catching such a project for the first time, we realize such a project for the first time ”. Stating that the project's end date is October 29, 2013, Erdogan said, “Because on October 29, 2013, the time we promised ends and work begins.” Expressing that he will make a test drive between 10 kilometers of Ayrılıkçeşme-Yenikapı today, Erdogan stated that the studies for 29 October will continue with the test drive. Erdogan said that in addition to underground works, traffic arrangements have been made on the ground as well as underground, and these will end in 1,5 months.

“This is actually a 150-year dream”

Prime Minister Erdogan said, “I hope this place will become a meeting fountain for us, together with all the landscape works, because we will see that the suburban systems also meet here. This place also means a very different meaning in this sense. ”He noted that the project is actually a dream of 150 years.

Erdogan continued his speech as follows: “It was a project in which our ancestors did sketches, but it was our duty to make this project accrued. Just like taking the first step of this was granted to us and praise to finish. Today we will make an intercontinental transition in Marmaray, and we will move from Asian side to European side and back to Asian side. This project is not the only project of Istanbul and Turkey, but also a giant project will be integrated with the Beijing-London route on which to walk again and in the meantime will connect Kars-Tbilisi-Baku. High-speed train to be a separate our Turkey met during our period is our pride.

Before there were words to come to mind that the level of contemporary civilization and did not have the slightest step taken in the rail systems in Turkey. However, there are very important steps taken by our metropolitan municipality in Istanbul, both as the central government and as the local government. These steps are taken both in the subway system, in the light subway and across the rail systems. Of course, the sensitivity we show to the environment and history is not artificial. We don't do the job, we do the truth.

In all these studies, this investment was realized by paying attention to the environment, ecological balance from A to Z. This step has been taken accordingly and therefore our sensitivities in this matter have caused us to postpone this project for 4 years. This sensitivity has cost us a lot of things at this point, and I have to express this especially here. ”

“75 thousand passengers will be transported in one direction per hour”

Explaining that 75 thousand passengers per hour will be transported in one direction and the train can be operated every 2 minutes, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “The share of the rail system in Istanbul's urban transportation increases from 8 percent to 28 percent. This will be our separate wealth. ”

Erdogan, 1,5 century-old railroads, the Republic's first 25 years after experiencing the most brilliant period was neglected in a period of half a century, he added:

“We started this railway mobilization. A rail network of approximately 120 kilometers has been established in our Istanbul so far. When we arrive in 2023, we are currently working on extending it to approximately 720 kilometers. These are ours. Of course, human beings see what is being done above the ground, not what is done under the ground. We also process underground and aboveground. There are countries that create a 4-fold system underground. One floor is no longer enough for us. The same thing will be in transportation, just as the ground is under the ground, now it is 3 floors, 4 floors, 5 floors under the giant buildings. ”

Erdogan stated that Istanbul has become unable to respond to the need and the problem in transportation is great and said, “We will take other measures. While taking these steps underground, we will have to build systems similar to this one, which you can see here, not just one floor, but 2 times, 3 times, maybe in different parts of our Istanbul. Currently, the population is based on 15 million. There are measures to be taken for this. All of them are compelled to take these measures for human beings. ”

Noting that the train sets imported from abroad were produced in the factories in Eskişehir and Adapazarı today, Erdoğan said, “We are also in an effort to train the high-speed train between Eskişehir and Istanbul on October 29. So you will get on here and you will reach Ankara. Between 3-3,5 hours. In a comfort and comfort, our citizens will hopefully enjoy it. He will meet his needs, his book, his newspaper, everything. Because while others were catching this, it would be necessary for the children of this country. I praise my Lord, this has been for us. We persevered, we tried, we succeeded. ”

“We weave all over our country with iron nets”

Prime Minister Erdogan thanked the architects, engineers, workers and contractors working on the project and said: “I believe that the future is ours. Our architect, engineers, country, and firms have won. With these, we are approaching a different point. Of course I'm not going to talk about what's going on here in Ankara, Sivas. I am not going to tell you about the lines in Ankara, Izmir from here. I'm not going to tell the Bursa line. These are going on now, our work continues. Hopefully we are weaving all over our country with iron nets, be careful, not others. Besides, we are also knitting with luxury highways, others could not do this. Those from the past could not do this. When we say double road, those who mock are now enjoying the pleasure of traveling on these double roads. A power competing with time has brought the time to the people's feet. ”

Reminding that "Time is money", Erdogan said that they fulfilled this requirement.

Erdogan, 4 hour to 3 hours, 2 hours, explaining that all, human, financial and information management, which can do well, said that the AK Party is doing.

Prime Minister Erdogan continued his words as follows: “The future will be better, do not worry at all. Now, I hope that this journey, which we will make from Ayrılıkçeşme to Yenikapı, will be beneficial for our Istanbul, our country, our nation and all humanity. I hope from my Lord that this test drive will be completed quickly and as a gift of the celebration of the anniversary of our October 29 Republic as a gift of that day. I congratulate all of you past Kadir Night. I already congratulate your Ramadan Feast. I hope that it will be a means of peace for our country and for all humanity. ”

Erdogan performs test drive

After his speech, the Prime Minister took a test drive with Marmaray at Ayrılıkçeşme-Yenikapı route. Speaking to journalists after the test drive, Erdogan said a 150-year dream has come true.

Prime Minister Erdogan said, “I hope that Eylullikesme-Kazliçesme will be put into operation on 29 October 2013, and if there is no situation in the same day, Eskisehir Istanbul high speed train stage will be put into service. We will experience these two happiness together. Today was a test run. In this test study, we have carried out and tested the 10 kilometer line with our friends today. Happily I can say that it is really a very serious comfort. There is neither noise nor fuss in this serious comfort. You are doing your journey very calmly. As you know, there is one more thing, which is the separation fountain. Here Kazlıçeşme and HalkalıThis line will extend until. Suburbs will become much different as they are renewed. We have done this today, we are happy with it. ”

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