Meeting of Cooperation and Cooperation Opportunities with Swiss Railway Industry Companies

Meeting of Cooperation and Cooperation Opportunities with Swiss Railway Industry Companies
The works carried out in the railway sector in our country and the great work potential are increasing day by day. Europe and major companies providing services in the railway sector in the world have followed with interest this great business potential in Turkey.

Swiss Railway Industry Cluster Group (Swissrail Industry Association) 21 27 people consisting of major European railway companies and serves a large delegation visit to Turkey. They are exploring the possibilities of cooperation with Turkish railroad companies in meeting the Turkish railroad industrialists and in the areas of railway vehicles and infrastructure services.

In the organization of RAYDER and ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce), 14. We are organizing a Meeting and Cooperation Meetings with Swiss Railway Industry Companies on 09.30.kat ITO Assembly Meeting Hall between 13.15 -5 on Friday.

Due to the limited time of the Swiss delegation in Turkey this meeting, 13 Thursday, June will make the ISO "Rail Transport Sector and Manufacturing Opportunities for Turkish industry in Turkey," We had to make just a day after our meeting.

The Swiss delegation holds the most important companies in the European railway sector. We hope that with this and similar meetings we will increase the opportunities of our industrialists with EU companies.

We wish you success in both of our meetings. Our respect.

On behalf of RAYDER Board of Directors
Ahmet Gök Vice President

In the annexes: Swissrail Group, the list of the participating companies and company representatives, the products and services of the ITO meeting are available.

Note: You can contact our RAYDER office secretary, Melek Işık lady. (0215 449 15 52 - 44915 52)


Meeting and Cooperation Opportunities Meeting of Swiss Railway Industry Association (Swissrail Industry Association) 14 June. Friday. 2013

Meeting place: Eminönü 5.kat İTO council meeting room

Opening Speeches

09:30 - 09:40 Dursun Topçu (Vice President of ITO)

09:40 - 09:50 RAYDER

09:50 - 10:00 Introducing Swissrail


10: 00-10: 20 Dursun Balcıoğlu (IMM - Planned Rail System Projects)

10: 20-10: 40 İrfan İpşir İst.Transportation Inc.Metro Manager (Projects and Rail Car Park)

10: 40 - 10: 50 TEA - COFFEE BREAK

Introducing Companies

10: 50 - 11: 20 Swissrail Member 21 company's introductions.

11: 20 - 11: 50 Turkish Companies (about 15 company).

11: 30 - 13: 15 Bilateral Meetings with Swiss and Turkish Companies, Closing.

Participating Foreign companies:

Swissrail Industry Association,

MATISA Materiel Industriel SA

ABB Schweiz AG,

Kummler + Matter AG, Swissrail Industry Association,

Airex Composite Structures Airex AG,

Elma Electronic AG,

Huber & Suhner,


Kummler + Matter AG,

Molinari Rail AG,

Transports public laundries

Prang + Partner AG,


Railtec Systems GmbH

Ruf International Ltd. (Ruf Telematik AG),

Schweizer Electronic AG,

Lantal Textiles AG,

(Railroad machines, Locomotives, construction of vehicles and wagons, Railway engineering, design, construction, Electrical heating systems, Catenary and transportation technology, Rail-powered electrical engineering, Consulting, project development, planning and engineering, training, Fire protection systems, Railway Textile production, etc.)



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