It is Planned to Merge the Clip-Air Project and Railway Airline Transport

It is planned to combine the clip air project and the railway airline transportation
It is planned to combine the clip air project and the railway airline transportation

Today, the serious increase in airplane travel has caused unwanted problems such as crowded airports, slow moving queues and long waiting times. Accordingly, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Federal Technical University) in Lausanne, Switzerland is working on a project that plans to combine rail and air transport.

The project, called Clip-Air, consists of three large capsule units that can travel on a normal normal plane and train tracks. These capsules, which are attached to the lower part of the wings, can be used for cargo transportation as well as for passenger transportation as they can go on the railways and they bring a different perspective to traditional transportation with their modular structure. The project allows people to fly only without taking a train and continue to reach the train by means of trains and can be used with different capsule numbers depending on the need.

The Clip-Air project, which has been developed since 2009, is seen as promising on paper with its high carrying capacity, more efficient and flexible fleet management, low maintenance and storage costs. It is stated that the aircraft that can be used with different fuel types can carry 450 passengers through three capsule units.

The Clip-Air project, which will not be seen in a short period of time for commercial use, will be presented to the users under the Paris Air Show, albeit small. You can watch the video about the project below.

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