TCDD Employees Leave Job in the Rain | Sivas (Photo Gallery)

TCDD Employees Leave Job in the Rain
In Sivas, TCDD employees left a day in the rain.
TCDD employees made a press release in front of the Sivas Railway Station to protest the Law on Liberation of Railways shipped to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Ind We are on the eve of a legal arrangement that will determine the fate and the future of our railways with an annual history. Transportation is the motor power of this country's development and economy. For this reason, we know that 156 is our annual history, experience and all kinds of changes that will be made through the mission and vision of the cultural infrastructure. For this reason, we have come together as representatives of Union, Foundation and Association which are organized within TCDD. The draft law on the liberalization of Turkish Railway Transport was submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) on the date of 156 and passed through the commission on Public Works, Public Works, Transport and Tourism. 16.03.2013 was also shipped to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. When we examine the draft law as it is, we are concerned about what we want to do. That's why 441 is in the fields today on April. Bu

Albayrak said: h In a article on the website of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), there are expressions of speed. It is stated that there is no negativity about the employees who do not have privatization in this draft. Here is the actual contradiction. We would like to ask, in this draft, when talking about more than one infrastructure operator, what is meant by the regulations regarding the fact that train traffic will be monopolized by TCDD while mentioning more than one train operator. The TCDD is included in the statement of the General Directorate that the authorized union did not participate in the actions. Does the union that you trade with union match-fixing have the power to act? We will continue to carry out trade unionism, regardless of whether they carry out the duties given to the process of constitutional change, dress freedom negotiation process. We continue to claim our institution employees. For this reason, we are in the fields. Bu

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