Kayseri Commuter Line and Rail System Integrate

Kayseri Commuter Rail and Rail System are Integrated: Mustafa Çelik, Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, said that they will implement an important project in order to make transportation more comfortable. President Steel, Yeşilhisar-Sarıoğlan suburban line will serve between the city will be integrated with the rail system announced that. President Steel, contrary to this project can even start migration, he said.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Yeşilhisar-İncesu-Kayseri and the operation of the suburban line between Kayseri and Sarıoğlan to continue to work between said. The Minister of Transport and the General Assembly of the State Railways in Ankara, then they had a detailed conversation with the authorities to discuss the details of the project reminding President Steel, said they made a new study to make this important project much more perfect.

Stating that the work on the project continues, President Çelik said, “In the last 20 years, the population in the districts has shifted to the center. In order to stop and even reverse this migration, we started a development move in the districts. We are making very serious investments in districts. We both solve the problems in infrastructure and superstructure, and realize many social facilities. In addition to these, we also develop projects to make transportation faster and more comfortable. The suburban line is one of these projects. We have decided to integrate the suburban line into the rail system with a very important project to make this line more efficient. Within the scope of this project, we will connect the railway near Kaykoop with the rail system by constructing a new 1200-meter line. Thus, Sarıoğlan Commuter Line will be combined with the rail system. In the West, starting from the last stop of the Rail System in the OIZ, passing in front of the Free Zone, we will lay a 4 thousand 800 meters railway line to the Boğazköprü station. Thus, the integration of those coming from the direction of Yeşilhisar-İncesu will be achieved ”.

Stating that the project will bring great comfort in transportation, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the General Directorate of State Railways is working on the subject and said, “After the completion of the works, they will share these works with our Metropolitan Municipality. We will complete the necessary project and start working on the integration of the suburban line and the rail system, ”he said.


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