from the BTS Çerkezköy Press release at the Train Station

from the BTS Çerkezköy Press release at the Train Station: United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Istanbul 1 Branch President Ersin Albuz with union members Çerkezköy The train station held a press release.

United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Istanbul 1 Branch President Ersin Albuz with union members Çerkezköy The train station held a press release. Ersin Albuz, Halkalı-Çerkezköy Stating that the railway line was closed as of March 1, 2013 on the grounds of line renewal, “Many tender specifications are not checked for compliance with the needs, as a result, new companies are offered after starting work. kazanThree items are being opened,” he said.

Ersin Albuz said that since the establishment of the BTS, 1991 has been active in protecting the rights and interests of its employees. BTS was also the follower of the fact that the executives spent every penny money for the development of this country and institutions, and they carried out their managerial duties without going out of the legislation in accordance with the Legal Administration Principle. TCDD Çerkezköy Veli Bayır, a member of our union who works as a civil servant as a "Puantör" in logistics chief. Çerkezköy After the corruption of transportation and logistics works carried out under the logistics of the Ministry, it has shown our trade union reflex in the name of claiming the institution and made necessary warnings to the authorities. In response, the institution did not work to enlighten the issue, but also exiled our member. Buna

Noting that the application was made to the judicial authorities on the subject, Albuz said, “Unfortunately, instead of rewarding our member who reported the irregularity in the investigation of the institution from his sense of responsibility, he sent into exile to our member Veli Bayır Haydarpaşa Port Authority as if he was protecting the people who committed the irregularity. In fact, the title, which was not enough to be sent into exile, was changed to “Fire Brigade”. The fact that our member has been degraded and sent to exile without regard to the protective provisions in the Law No. 4688 on Civil Servants' Unions will not prevent our union struggle or our fight against irregularities. ”

Branch President Albuz continued as follows: “Forensic investigation was initiated with the Preparatory Investigation on the subject. Since the AKP government took office, our country's transportation policies have been determined and continue to be determined not in line with the needs of our country, but in line with the Booz-Alien Hamilton and Canac reports of international capital prepared in 1996 and 2000s. May 1, 2013 dated Official Gazette and entered into force which entered into force on the same day 6461 Turkey No. Liberalization of Railway Transport (privatization) legal infrastructure of Booz-Alien Hamilton and Canac report by the Law on the longer prepared. Gebze has been closed for 3 years.Halkalı between Sivas and Samsun, Istanbul-Kapıkule. Since the date of 1 March 2013, which has been repaired for a long time in this region, a large part of the need of transportation has been completed. Halkalı-Çerkezköy Section (80 Km) closed, which is within the Marmaray project Halkalı-Sirkeci (24 Km) section has not been opened yet. There are also many tenders open to investigation in the works here. Railway infrastructure and superstructure renovation works, communication, supply of camera monitoring systems, etc. construction activities are done by contractors. The conformity of many tender specifications to the needs is not audited, as a result, new companies are offered after the work is started. kazanThree items are opened”

BTS Istanbul 1 Branch Chairman Albuz concluded his speech as follows: ı In many construction works, temporary acceptances are made without any missing work. In these matters, investigations are opened by TCDD Inspection Board and still continue. The fact that the line has not been opened for more than three years is an indication that the tender transactions are not planned according to the legislation and requirements. We will continue our trade union struggle Send

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