Akşehir Fast Train

Akşehir Should Be Ready for High Speed ​​Train. The 30th District Advisory Council meeting of the Justice and Development Party was held in Akşehir district of Konya. AK attended the meeting held in a hotel in Akşehir. [more…]

16 Bursa

Native tram Silkworm Turkey's Agenda (Photo Gallery)

Domestic Tram Silkworm is on Turkey's Agenda. The Friends Council, consisting of ministers, deputies, governors, district governors, university rectors, prosecutors and businessmen, met in Bursa to design a domestic tram produced under the consultancy of the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]


Tunnel Works in Gazze

Yasir al-Banna – While the embargo in Gaza continues, the tunnels in the Rafah region on the Egypt-Gaza border function as an industrial zone that meets the basic needs of the people. [more…]