Istanbul Havaray Project

📩 25/11/2018 15:59

Istanbul Havaray Project
Havaray support comes to public transportation in Istanbul. The system, which is considered to be on 8 separate lines as a short distance, will make flights from the air without affecting the existing traffic and roads.
The transportation problem of the megacity will be solved with Havaray. The districts of the Istanbul Havaray Project, which created an alternative route by carrying the rail system to the air, were determined. 47.8 separate lines of 8 kilometers in total were determined in Istanbul for the havaray, which means 'tram in the air'. 4 of the lines will be located on the Anatolian Side, while 4 will be made on the European Side. The havaray, which will move on the pillars, will not affect the existing traffic and roads. Havaras, which will be integrated with systems such as metro and metrobus in public transportation, are considered to be more short-distance.
The removal of minibuses will come to the agenda after the airports to be built in the regions where minibuses provide transportation. According to the information obtained, it is also planned that the airways will be operated by minibuses. The Havara, which is used as a popular public transportation system in Europe as well as in Japan and China, can carry 40-50 thousand passengers per day. The system, which can carry an average of 10 thousand passengers per hour, will travel between stops for 2 minutes. Municipality officials stated that the work on these projects is at the final stage and that they will be put out to tender in a short time.
* 8 is scheduled separately.
* 40-50 thousand passengers are transported in the countries where it is used.
* High capacity ones carry 200 thousand passengers per day.
1 500 per day of the Metrobus carry 3 per day passengers can carry
Istanbul Havaray Project
Atasehir - Umraniye Havaray Line

Beyoğlu - Şişli Havaray Line

Kartal - D100 Havaray Line

Levent - Levent Havaray Line

Maltepe - Başıbüyük Havaray Line

Sabiha Gökçen - Formula Havaray Line

Sefaköy - Atatürk Airport Havaray Line

Zincirlikuyu - Sarıyer Havaray Line

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