Vadistanbul will be connected to the metro line of the city with the Havaray line

Vadistanbul will be connected to the metro line of the city with the Havaray line: While the end of Vadistanbul's shopping mall is approaching the end, many of the world brands took its place in the shopping mall. In recent days, the owners and senior managers of brands that will be active in the shopping center have come together with investors of Vadistanbul.
Turkey's largest real estate projects in the AVM'si Vadistanbul the end approached, took place in a shopping center global brand. In recent days, the owners and senior managers of brands that will be active in the shopping center have come together with investors of Vadistanbul.
Artaş Construction, one of the biggest investors in the construction sector, was the last of the Boulevard Stage of Vadistanbul, which was realized with the partnership of Aydınlı Group and İnvest İnşaat. In the project where rough construction is completed, the owners and senior executives of the brands that will take part in the shopping mall visited the construction site.
Vadistanbul Bulvar, which will be the new business and life center of Istanbul, will reach a position where many world brands will operate and central offices will take place.
Vadidanbul will be a new city center with the population of 30.000 and the daytime population of 42.000 when it is completed; offices, shopping street, AVM'si, hotels, and will be the focus of domestic and foreign investors in Turkey with all the equipment. With its size and variety in the eating and drinking area, Vadistanbul Bulvar, which will become the new meeting and socialization center of Istanbul residents, will also offer an enjoyable experience with its riverside cafes and restaurants. Vadistanbul will take place at Boulevard Shopping Mall, in this sense, separating the eating and drinking part 23%, reaching over one of its kind in Turkey.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Artaş Construction Süleyman Çetinsaya; Or Our Vadistanbul project is of great importance for the development of Ayazağa region. The development of the project on the 424 thousand square meters area is an alternative to the Maslak - Levent line. Today, Turkey's busiest business center as specified in Maslak 485 thousand square meters of Class A office space, while there are at Boulevard Vadistanbul have created 300 thousand square meters of office space. Turkey's largest mixed project with a mix of office space in Vadistanbul after we create the Ataturk Airport, Turkey's largest car capacity parking lot with 11.500. We attribute the first time in Turkey Vadistanbul the initiative of the investors in the project by creating a havaray line Metro line. Only this will become a new central office equipment, even with Vadistanbul Boulevard, will also be with AVM'si with Turkey's most moving and most unique shopping area. many brands operating in the international arena when moving to Turkey to carry the Boulevard Vadistanbul office, dozens of world brand takes its place in the shopping center. In July, the office blocks in the deliveries to the shopping center, we will open in October, Temmuz he said.
The construction of the Vadistanbul project was carried out by the construction of Artaş İnşaat, Aydınlı Group and İnvest İnşaat.
From the bula Bulvar i stage of Vadistanbul, AVM, shopping street, hotels and offices, the mechanical cost of the Havaray line to be connected to the Seyrantepe Metro line will cost 7.5 million Euros, while the total cost will be 14 million Euros.
Havara loaded all costs "Artas, Aydinli, Invest" partnership will be signed a policy in Turkey. When the project is completed, it will be transferred to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).
With the Vadistanbul project, which has a big role in the transformation of Ayazağa, Istanbul's new business and life center is being created as an alternative to points such as Maslak, Nişantaşı and İstiklal Street.
In Vadistanbul; 1.900 housing, 102 is the 760 star hotel with a total area of ​​300 square meters with street shops, restaurants, 25.500 thousand square meters office space, located on the 5 meter-long street, which has a space of thousand square meters leasable area. Within the Vadistanbul project, the Saddam Creek of 2,4 km and the eating and drinking areas within the nature, which will be positioned on the river line, stand out as a unique reinforcement.
Vadistanbul Bulvar, whose functions are designed to create a cross value for each other, stands out as the first and only mixed project that includes all kinds of life functions in the horizontal plane.
1 million 350 Park square with a construction area of ​​1,000 square meters, located in a special spot where green and blue meet. The project, which has a unique reinforcement with the Sadabad Valley, will provide a unique living area with walkways, cafes and restaurants around the creek.

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