Disabled people in wheelchairs

Disabled people in wheelchairs will be able to ride the ramp buses of Burulaş
Having a bus fleet worthy of the 21.th century, Burulaş 's disabled bus wheelchair users with disabilities in the wheelchair, disabled people in the wheelchair, no longer accompanied by an accompanying accompanying some of the bus drivers who previously served in Burulaş disabled since they are not obliged to open the wheelchair alone. he did not open the ramp for the disabled in the chair. He could not ride the disabled bus without a companion who could open the disabled ramp and could not move alone in social life.
In this context, the happy news Burulaş General Manager Mr. Levent Fidansoy'dan came. According to the decision taken by the bus drivers opened the disabled ramps and wheelchair passengers to assist in the landing and boarding were instructed to help. First of all due to these sensitive behavior Mr. Levent Fidansoy Burulaş General Manager and his sincerely thank all Burulaş employees.

RayHaber: Levent Elmastaş

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