8 of Domestic Tram Silkworm 50 Passed XNUMX Thousand Passengers per Day

silkworm tram rayhaber
silkworm tram rayhaber

8 Thousands of Passengers Moved Per Day: Silkworm 50 started 8 in the day, while 50 carried thousands of passengers a day and 2 million people traveled in Bursaray lines during the same period.

BURULAŞ, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, increases the number of passengers day by day with its service quality in public transportation in sea, air, land and rail system. The last link was added to Burulaş's service network, and 12 started the journey in October. Sculpture - Garage tram line closed the first week with interest above the expected. Turkey's first time in the tram cars made by domestic 12 - 20 50 thousand people made the journey between approximately October. Together with the new vehicles to be commissioned, it is planned to increase the number of voyages and accordingly increase the number of passengers. Serving with the lines 'Arabayatağı et, tercih Emek fazla and en Görükle', it was the most preferred means of transportation for Bursa residents in Bursaray. 12 20 transported more than 1 million passengers between Bursaray and 2-XNUMX October.

For the transportation between Bursa and Istanbul in an economic and healthy way, 24 BUDO, which started flights in January, became the most important means of transportation for holidaymakers during the holidays. The new brand of transportation between Mudanya and Kabataş, BUDO 11 - 20, carried 126 expeditions between October and carried 36 thousand 500 passengers. Children, students, disabled, veteran, martyrs, press and 65 elderly travelers who offer the opportunity to travel in the BUDO and BESAS operated by the economic price tariff in the kiosks are among the important preference of passengers.

One of the most important links of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation investments chain, the seaplane, which started the 18 in April, has attracted great interest during the holiday season. 1 on weekdays and 10 at weekends and 12 occupied by 100 occupied 12 20 750.

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