744 has been damaged by the displacement of the railway line

744 has been damaged by the displacement of the railway line
Companies taking the tender for the construction of hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) on the Murat River revealed that the railway line that would be under the dam would have to pay for the displacement of the railway line. CHP Mersin deputy Aytug Atici, state that the cost of the work of the state 744 million pounds, the state is not limited to the damage to be announced.
At the same time, Aytuğ Atıcı, Bingöl's honorary deputy, stated in a press conference with the CHP Bingöl Provincial Chairman Mustafa Kurban in parliament that he would t hold a series of press conferences on how the State treasure was plundered Aynı in Bingöl. The shooter first gave information about the Genç emphasis on the hydroelectric power plant being constructed on the Murat river, which joins the Euphrates River flowing between Palu-Genç-Muş At.
The Energy Market Regulatory Authority issued a license for the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, which stated that these licenses were given as için build-operate-transfer belirten. Ret The companies applying for the license make the land survey before the application and calculate all expenses. These expenses can be highway, railway, electricity, telephone lines. After all of these costs, the company believes that it will make a profit by selling the electricity from here, masraf he said.
Firms have to pledge to cover these expenses while receiving the job, so that the state provides electricity to the citizen, the company that makes money, said Atıcı, said:
H It is decided to construct four hydroelectric power plants on the Murat river called elektrik Kale 1 ′, UM Kale 2 ′, X Beyhan 1 ′ and X Beyhan 2 ′. A company is coming and construction of these dams and the electricity produced by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority to sell the license begins to sell. But there is also a railway line where the dam will be built. Esi Normally this is how the railroad line is capable of changing itself while it is changing its route. Güz
Stating that the displacement of the 114 km Railway line between Palu-Genç-Muş, which was transferred to the state, was put out to tender and the cost was approximately 744 million lira, the shooter from CHP stated that the tender looks normal from the outside, 15 companies participated in the tender and this is a normal number. However, when the companies were researched, he suggested that these companies worked together in many jobs and that the case was the same. Stating that in the Bingöl region, the state has a 60 percent discount in open tenders, but it is 16.7 percent in this tender, Aıcı continued as follows:
“For the relocation of the railway line, which was tendered to 744 million, our state also decides to expropriate. However, since there is no such practice in the laws, a Council of Ministers decision is urgently issued and published in the Official Gazette No. 15 dated January 2012, 28174. According to this decision, TCDD is authorized for the urgent expropriation of approximately 4 million 458 thousand 492 square meters of immovable together with the buildings. We do not know yet how much this expropriation price is. "
CHP Aytuğ Atici, the Minister of Transport and Communication at the press conference Binali Yildirim asked the following questions:
Ors - Why do you pay 744 million pounds for railways with the cost of changing the route and the company?
- Why did you hold this tender by invitation method?
- Why did you accept the 60 percent discount, while similar jobs in the region are usually done at 16.7 percent discount?
- Is it a simple coincidence that the company that received the tender for changing the route and the company that built the dam is the same?
- What is the amount of transactions you will make with the decision of 'urgent expropriation'?
- Did you ever end up in this? Did your conscience never hurt when the orphan's right was being eaten?

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