In addition to the suburban lines in Marmaraya and Ankara

Additional expeditions to Marmara and Ankara suburbs: Additional expeditions were made to Marmaray with suburban trains operated between Sincan and Kayaş in order to facilitate the transportation of public and security personnel who will take part in the parliamentary elections.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways of the (TCDD), said in a statement, in order to facilitate the elections, who will serve the public and security staff on duty to reach the place on time and return the additional time in the Marmaray in Istanbul with commuter trains run between Sincan-Kayaş in Ankara reported to perform.

Accordingly, tomorrow, additional ban flights will start from Kayaş and Sincan at 05.00. In order to facilitate the return of the officers in the election, additional commuter trains will be served from Kayaş and Sincan at 23.40:8 tomorrow and on June 01.15 at XNUMX.

Also, in Marmaray tomorrow, the train services will start mutually at 05.30 from the separation fountain and Kazlıçeşme and will be operated according to the daily schedule from 06.00.



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