"Domestic goods" warning to the rail system

Safkar General Manager İmren: "Foreign firms that receive tenders should be warned to fulfill the requirement to use the domestic goods stipulated in the tenders".
Tolga Albay - Nuri İmren, general manager of Safkar, who is one of the most important mobile air conditioning systems designer and manufacturers in the industry in Europe, stated that foreign companies making rail system projects should be warned to meet the local production requirement.
Covet, AA correspondent, Turkey's rail until 2023 that foresees to invest significant amounts of their system projects, light rail, a total of about 8 thousand vagonluk covered by metro and tram projects, he said, will emerge a demand.
Considering that there are 2 air conditioners in each wagon, Imren pointed out that the cost of air conditioning projects of vehicles will keep a significant share in localization in the tenders.
Turkey's largest mobile air-conditioning company, Safkar of buses and minibuses with air conditioning at 75 percent, mobile cooler market in the İmren voicing with a market share close to 80 percent, rail, he said they have a market share close to 90 percent of air conditioning .

-The jobs of the Malaysian and Egyptian railways

on rail systems in Malaysia and finally Egypt noted that they receive the air conditioning works of the wagons of Railways İmren, Turkey's industry in that they have a single R & D Center, spoke about these centers in 62 engineers and mission with the indigenous design and technology are developed.
Stating that the tender containing 40 train sets and 30 percent locality requirement for İzmir İZBAN was awarded to South Korea, and the project that included 324 vehicles and 51 percent locality requirement in Ankara, Imren said that after the completion of the auctions, these trains were received at the R&D center. He stated that they are designing suitable air conditioners.
As a result of the interviews, the Chinese firm has given technical approval that the air conditioner they developed for the Ankara metro is suitable, and that the demands on price reduction have been met. Imren gave the following information:
Considering the delivery date of the first train sets, production on air conditioners should have started in this period. The fact that our negotiations have not reached the conclusion shows that the Chinese company will prefer to work with the Chinese air conditioner manufacturers it has worked with before. an assembly plant in Turkey to meet the requirement nativism speakers may be installed. However, the establishment of an assembly facility is not in line with the spirit of the localization stipulated by the government. The government's goal to ensure the development of this technology in Turkey. The technology does not develop by bringing the pieces together on the assembly line. Here, there are domestic companies with ambitious technologies worldwide. Foreign companies receiving the auctions should be warned to fulfill the requirement to use domestic goods stipulated in the auctions. It should be checked to what extent this condition is met. ”

- "There is no doubt in the quality of those produced in Turkey" -

one that doubt exists on the quality of air conditioners produced in Turkey, İmren defending the Far Eastern companies do not want to give up from suppliers in their country, DLH to follow the requirement of the indigenization put in the tender, for it also pointed out the need to launch initiatives in the manufacturers before with reference to domestic companies.
Turkey is in the domestic cars and effort in locomotive manufacturing, R & D activities in the rail field as Safka also İmren stated that they have speed, Izmir and the use of foreign technology in vehicles in Ankara on R & D efforts also argued that it would hurt.

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