first local train and rail wheels will be produced in Turkey

Mechanical and Chemical Industry (TCI) Authority, for the first time by producing local train wheels and the rail system in Turkey, about 100 million dollars a year will pass in front of imports.
A protocol was signed between the State Railways (TCDD) and the MKE Institution for the production of wheels. According to this protocol, an annual average of 12 monoblock wheels and 500 wheel sets will be produced by MKE to be used in TCDD's towing and towed vehicles.
Faruk Yenal, the Director of the Heavy Weapons and Steel Factory of MKE in Kırıkkale, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the tender studies for the "Mono Block Wheel and Wheel Sets Project" to be implemented in accordance with the protocol signed between TCDD and MKE are ongoing.
Yenal stated that the project tender is planned to be made next year and gave the following information:
"MK with the protocol signed between TCDD and drawn wagon wheels on the drawing are imported from abroad it will no longer be produced in Turkey. material and processing of the wheel will be held in Turkey. These wheels will be used in both TCDD's high-speed trains and Qatar trains. The project was prepared to produce 100 thousand wheels annually. Hopefully, its tender will be held in 2013. All of the train wheels are imported. In this context, approximately 100 million dollars of imports are made annually. With this project, foreign currency output will be prevented. "
Not only that TCDD's passenger and freight trains use, the wheels of the rail project that municipalities use the system will be produced in Turkey highlight Yenal, noted that about 350 million pounds of investment aimed for it.
Expressing that production is planned to start in 2017, Yenal added that within the scope of the project, 9 types of wheels and 3 types of axle shafts will be produced in the new units to be established in the MKE Heavy Steel and Arms Factory.

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