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TÜDEMSAŞ, which was established in 1939 with the aim of repairing steam locomotives and freight wagons used by TCDD, has become an institution that produces annual 500 thousand wagons, 7 wagons repairs and a revenue of 500 million TL.
In the center of Sivas 100 thousand m2, which is built on a total area of ​​418 thousand m2 including a covered Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) employs a total of 270 people, including 54 civil servants and one thousand 324 workers. TÜDEMSAŞ, which produced 2011 wagons and 435 thousand 2 wagons in 520, exported approximately $ 2002 million in exchange for 2011 wagons between 240 and 12. The organization consists of 3 main production units consisting of Wagon Production, Wagon Repair, Metal Works Manufacturing Factories and 8 departments consisting of Maintenance Repair, Quality Control, Material, APK, Financial Affairs, Trade and Marketing, Personnel and Education, Health Social Affairs Department. We received information about their work from Selim Dursun, the General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ.
Turkey spends quite lively days of the railways in recent years. How do you assess this mobility?
Since 2003, the importance of the railroads has been accelerating the investments in both passenger transportation and freight transportation. Ankara-Eskişehir-İstanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines, which are already under operation or infrastructure works, have been determined as the policy for the establishment of Ankara-based lines in many cities of our country in the long term. As a result of increasing orders in parallel with the developments in railway freight transport, 2003-2003 produced various types of 2011 bin 3 wagons during 587-2023. In line with the XNUMX targets, I think that the need for freight wagons of our country will increase in the coming years and therefore this need will be met with our company and the developing private sector.
freight wagons in Turkey generally used for transportation in which areas? Does the number of freight cars is enough to the needs of companies engaged in transport in Turkey?
In our country, freight wagons are mainly used for container transportation, ore transportation, oil transportation, transportation for military purposes, animal transportation, palletized freight transportation, grain transportation. As of today, the number of wagons can be insufficient according to the types used by the logistic companies in terms of seasonal and seasonal cargo transportation. With the liberalization of the railway freight wagon operation in the upcoming period, the need for wagons will increase significantly.
Turkey has an important TÜDEMSAŞ both in terms of how well? What are TÜDEMSAŞ contribute to Turkey's economy?
TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate has successfully met the freight wagon needs of our country since 1939. With its technological investments that increase the quality and capacity it has made in recent years, it continues its activities for export. TÜDEMSAŞ is the biggest industrial institution of Sivas province and is the most important source of employment. Every year since 2008, is located in the top 500 include Turkey's largest industrial enterprise.
Can you give information about the products manufactured in TÜDEMSAŞ and maintenance and repair works?
Since our company started its operations in 1939, around 31 thousand freight wagons of 20 different types have been produced. Our products are container transport wagons, ore transport wagons, coal transport wagons, grain transport wagons, livestock closed type wagons, cargo wagons, oil transport wagons and service wagons to carry out railway services. In addition, spare parts such as bogie, bumper, harness, drain wheel for pulling or towing vehicles are produced. Our company also carries out periodic revision maintenance of the wagons working on TCDD lines every 5 years and the maintenance and repair works of the wagons damaged during the operation. Since its establishment, a total of 335 thousand freight wagons have been maintained and repaired.
What quality policies do you implement in the process of new product and maintenance repairs?
We have TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate. The wagons that are manufactured and repaired are under our warranty except for the user and operating errors. Fault traces are recorded. TS EN ISO 9001: As a requirement of 2008 Quality Management System, traceability of production and repair is ensured and failure preventive activities are carried out.
Can you give information about the technology used in TÜDEMSAŞ?
Until recently, we have not shown enough technological development, we have continued our work with a predominantly labor intensive working order. However, with the investments made in recent years, we have renewed our energy infrastructure, and we have focused on technological renewal and modernization works with the Project Renovation and Maintenance Renewal projects. In this context, especially the computer-assisted burners, modern sandblasting-painting-drying plant, Automatic Blasting Sand Blasting Plant and Robot Welded Boom Production Facility, such as technological investment items that increase the quality and capacity were brought into service. In addition, our company carries out its activities with an environmentally sensitive management approach and we have TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management certificate. The determination and disposal of the wastes that will occur during the production in terms of standard requirements are carried out within this framework.
What is the potential of TÜDEMSAŞ to repair both exports and wagons of other countries?
We mainly produce in line with the needs of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise. In 2002-2003, we exported 240 oil transport wagons to Iraqi Railways. Our investments and efforts towards the export of freight cars are continuing intensely. We consider our close neighbors, Middle East, North Africa, Central Asian countries and European Union countries as export markets.
What are your investment plans in the medium and long term? Can you tell us about your new projects and new product projects?
In the medium and long term, we are conducting investments in production diversification and capacity increase in order to meet the needs to be formed by following the developments in the freight transport sector in our country and in Europe-Asia. We are continuing the projecting works of wagons with low load and high load carrying capacity in the new wagons to be produced.

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